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Start date: 01/09/2018 - SGS Filton
End date: 30/07/2019
Duration: 1 year

Day(s): Various
Course length: 1 year
Qualifications: GCSE
Code: FLL2004A
Cost: TBC

SGS Filton

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Course Detail

GCSE Core Science

Part time course

For further information about dates, times and cost of this course and to discuss GCSE & Functional Skills courses please contact the Customer Experience team at Stroud on 01453 763424 or Filton on 0117 931 2121

Course outline

There are three units of study.

Unit 1 (Biology) covers:

  • How the human body is responds to change
  • How we keep the human body healthy
  • The effect of drugs on the human body
  • Infectious diseases and the immune system
  • How variation exists between individuals and how evolution can produce new species
  • Organisms and their environment

Unit 2 (chemistry) covers:

  • Exploiting limestone, its uses and chemical reactions
  • How do rocks provide metals and their chemistry
  • How do we get fuels from crude oil
  • How are polymers and ethanol made from crude oil
  • The use of plant oils
  • Changes in the earth and its atmosphere

Unit 3 (physics) covers:

  • How is heat transferred and what affects the transfer of heat
  • What is meant by the efficient use of energy and how electrical devices transfer energy
  • The generation of electricity
  • The uses and hazards of radiation
  • The hazards of radioactive substances
  • What do we know about the origins of the universe and how it is changing"

What will I learn:

Science is the study of the world about us; the organisms, the physical systems and the chemistry. This is a practical subject and as such will examine the evidence for explanations of different phenomena and how this evidence can be used to solve problems.

Successful completion of this course will provide you with a GCSE in science. From here you can progress to further GCSEs in science or vocational courses which require a science background. You will also gain skills which will be useful in a wide range of jobs.

How will the course be delivered:

Classroom based.

How will I know how I am doing:

Regular homework and feedback.

Is previous experience necessary:

Not really, providing you can pass a basic induction assessment.

Do I receive a qualification:

Yes - GCSE Science (Core)

What can I do next:

Level 3.

What should I bring to my first class:

Paper and Pen.

Are there any extra costs:

No - All covered in Materials Fee.

Dates & Costs

GCSE Core Science

Start date: 01/09/2018
End date: 30/07/2019
Duration: 1 year
Course length: 1 year
Time(s): 6-8.30pm
Qualifications: GCSE
Code: FLL2004A

Cost: TBC

Start End Time Campus
01/09/2018 30/07/2019 6-8.30pm SGS Filton
01/09/2018 30/07/2019 6-8pm SGS Stroud