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ImportantAccessibility StatementSouth Gloucestershire and Stroud College believes that all individuals, regardless of restriction or ability, should be able to have equal access to digital information. It is our goal to continuously innovate and we are committed to making our website available to everyone.

Our standards

Web content provided by South Gloucestershire and Stroud College complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. In some instances, such as with video or flash content, we follow the WCAG 2.0 A as our minimum technical standard to develop and maintain our web properties.

Accessing additional support and reporting accessibility issues

As part of our continued commitment to accessibility, the College appreciates that for some people the accessibility guidelines fall short of what they need to access and fully engage with our web content. If for any reason you would like any of the materials published on our website in an alternative format, please contact [email protected] and we will endeavour to accommodate you.

Alternatively, if you are having problems accessing parts of this website, please contact [email protected].

When contacting us in relation to accessibility issues, please include the following information:

  • the affected website address,
  • the problem or error you have encountered, and
  • your contact information.

Information about how we process and share data can be found here.