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SGSPlus+ Introduction

sgsplus+ is the name for our tutorial, enrichment and work placement diploma that all full-time learners will complete within their study programme during their time at sgs college

The sgsplus+ combination will ensure you master skills in communication, teamwork, resilience, problem solving and independent thinking, preparing you for your next steps and future success. These soft skills will support your future studies, careers aspirations, job prospects and are deemed highly desirable by employers.

SGSPlus+ Aims

Here at the college we have 4 main aims:

  • To develop SGS College students holistically to ensure that they have the skills to succeed at SGS College but in their chosen career.
  • For students to look back at their time at SGS with fond memories filled with fun and enjoyable memories.
  • To ensure students have all information required to keep them safe whilst studying with us here at SGS (safeguarding requirements)
  • To ensure that our students are prepared and able to step into society once they leave SGS College.

SGSPlus+ Framework

Our “golden thread” of Personal Development

The SGSPlus+ framework is our “golden thread” of Personal Development that runs through all of our Curriculum Areas, Lessons, Tutorial Schemes of Work, Enrichment Schemes of Work and Voice of the learner. The main aim of the SGSPlus+ framework is the holistic development of all SGS Learners whereby they will be exposed to the six strands of the SGSPlus+ programme;

SGSPlus+ Framework Poster

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SGSPlus+ framework

I am Prepared to be an Independent Learner

Focussed on preparing learners with the skills that they need to be a successful learner at SGS College but also during their lifelong journey. This strand ties closely together with our Study Skills provision here at the College and develops the learners with a range of learning skills, communication skills, reflection and collaboration skills.

I am Prepared for the Digital World

Focussed on developing SGS College learners with the digital skills that they need to succeed in their chosen career. As part of their study programme learners move through a range of digital pathways to ensure that they are able to use Microsoft Office 365 programmes including excel, word and PowerPoint. Whilst learners are also prepared to keep themselves and others safe online.

I am Prepared for Society

Focussed on developing SGS College learners with an understanding of what it takes to be a fully engaged citizen with an understanding of the world around us. As part of this strand there is a specific focus on developing SGS College learners understanding of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within their chosen careers. Whilst an additional focus is placed on how SGS College learners can move towards a more sustainable way of living.

I am Prepared to be Creative

Focussed on developing SGS College learners ability to problem solving, make decisions and come up with creative solutions to the problems that they face. SGS College learners are also encouraged to develop their enterprise skills through a range of opportunities both through the Students Union and their chosen course.

I am Prepared to Stay Safe and Healthy

Focussed on keeping the students safe at SGS College, in the wider community and post SGS College. There is a specific focus through the Tutorial programme on developing an age appropriate understanding of Sexual Health and Consent, Relationships, Health and Wellbeing and Living in the Wider World. Whilst staying safe and healthy is a collaborative space for many of our local partners who work closely alongside the SGS Wellbeing Service and SGS Active teams to ensure that students are given the relevant skills to maintain a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle.

I am Prepared for my Professional Future

Preparing students for the next stage of their career is one of the core aims of the SGSPlus+ framework, whether that be progressing to University, Employment or an Apprenticeship. Working in this collaborative space are SGS College’s Careers Service, Work Placement team, Apprenticeship Team and Future Quest teams. Each with a focus on developing SGS College learners professional behaviours and skills to enable them to succeed at their next stage.

108 Hours of Personal Development

As a student at SGS College you will complete a minimum of 108 hours of Personal Development which will support your study programme

Students will complete 36 hours of Enrichment, 36 hours of Tutorial and a minimum of 36 hours of Work Placements. These will be embedded in to your study programme.