PATHWAY 1: Preparing for Adulthood
This pathway incorporates a programme which supports learners in gaining skills to access independent/supported living and life. With a strong focus on personal development, this pathway will include sessions in the community to develop communication and self-advocacy skills. Learners will also gain knowledge and skills in healthy living, relationships, making choices and independent living, this course is well placed to support learners with more complex needs.


PATHWAY 2: Preparing for work skills
As well has developing skills for independence and life, this pathway will focus on supporting learners to develop skills in hospitality and/or catering or other personal aspirations to prepare them for work. Learners will also have the opportunity to take part in internal/external work experience and work towards a work skills qualification if appropriate. With a strong focus on personal/social development and work skills, this pathway is well placed to support learners who wish to develop their employability skills to enable them to progress onto paid or voluntary work.