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 ApprenticeshipsAn Apprenticeship at SGS Could Be the Course for You

If you want to earn while you learn, an apprenticeship at SGS could be the course for you.

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SGS offer a wide range of apprenticeships covering most employment sectors.

We have very strong retention and overall achievement rates, ahead of national averages. Our employers are supported with a dedicated account manager to steer them through every step of the apprenticeship journey.

"Recruiting over 600 new apprentices every year"

Learners are supported with their training assessor to ensure they have every opportunity to thrive, achieve and progress to the next level. We have flexible delivery models, including programmes at Filton, Stroud and central Bristol. We also offer workplace delivery for some apprenticeship programmes.

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We support over 1000 employers a year with their apprenticeship programme, recruiting over 600 new apprentices every year.

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Security Engineering ApprenticeAdvanced ULTRA VISION FIRE & SECURITY LTD

Closing date: 26 Apr 2020
Possible start date: 3 Aug 2020

Apprentice Teaching Assistant Level 3Advanced St Stephens Junior School

Closing date: 30 Apr 2020
Possible start date: 1 Sep 2020

Apprentice Software Development EngineerHigher Hewlett Packard Labs

Closing date: 20 Apr 2020
Possible start date: 31 Aug 2020

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Apprenticeships Smart AssessorSmart Assessor is an electronic collection of a learner’s skills and knowledge, which is assessed by their tutor against a training standard or qualification and replaces paper portfolios.
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