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This page contains information about apprenticeships at SGS.

Learners Employers Smart Assessor Funding and Incentives

Why We Are Successful...

  • Care & effectiveness of our vacancy matching service. Over 90% of apprentices recruited through SGS are still with the employer at 12 months.
  • Stable, consistent & experienced team of assessors.
  • The degree to which we track progress and support learners.
  • 100% success on all End Point Assessments to date

Our Range of Business
Support Apprenticeships

No other provider in the region offers the range that we do

We can support all the business-critical functions within a large employer – so only need to work with one provider, one account manager.

Direct Delivery

Unlike other colleges, we don’t use subcontractors...

All SGS apprenticeships are directly delivered by SGS, giving responsiveness, consistency, accountability and control of quality.


We offer:

  • Flexible, blended delivery models
  • All content can be accessed remotely from home or work
  • SGS is a Microsoft Showcase College
  • Flexible start dates and durations
  • Highest college apprenticeship success rates in the West of England region
  • Free, effective apprenticeship recruitment achieving 90% retention rates
  • Advice and support on incentives, funding and the Digital Apprenticeship Service
  • Dedicated account management

Business Administration
L2 Replacement

A Customer Service pathway with administration content

We have designed a Customer Service pathway with administration content, to plug the gap left by removal of the Business Administration Level 2 Framework. Many employers used the BA 2 as an entry level apprenticeship, with the apprentice then progressing into Level 3 admin, or IT or Finance. Our Customer Service – Admin Pathway fills this niche for employers.

The full range of Government Incentives for Apprenticeship Employers

  1. A £3000 new incentive for recruiting any age apprentice between 1st April 2021 and 30th September 2021, claimed by the employer via the Apprenticeship service
  2. In addition, a £1000 incentive for the following (also payable for existing employees) – payable via SGS College in equal instalments at 90 days and 12 months for;
    • A 16-18 year old apprentice
    • A 19-24 year old with an Education and Health Care Plan EHCP
    • A 19 -24 year old who has previously been in local authority care
  3. Employers make no National Insurance payments for apprentices under age 25

    Example saving. An employer has a staff member who is under 25 and paid £16000 per year. The employer will be paying 13.8% NI on earnings above the first £8,424, so 13.8% x £7576 = £1045. If the staff member starts an apprenticeship, the employer will save £1045 per year, until the staff member reaches 25.

  4. Government Contribution to Training Costs

    This is dependent on the size of employer and the age of the apprentice.

    For SME employers, with under 50 employees, apprenticeship training costs for are 100% government funded for 16 -18s, 19 - 24s EHCP and 19 – 24 care-leavers.

    For SME employers, for all other age groups, training costs are 95% government funded.

    For levy paying employers, training costs are 100% levy-funded, for all ages of apprenticeship, unless the full levy is used up. Training costs are then 95% government funded.

  5. The government top-up levy funds with an additional 10%

    This is paid monthly into the apprenticeship service account.

  6. Care Leaver Bursary

    A £1000 one-off payment to apprentices who have previously been in local authority care.

For any further information, or for help with the incentives, funding and apprenticeship process, please contact our Business Development team at [email protected]

SGS offers a wide range of apprenticeships covering most employment sectors.

We have very strong retention and overall achievement rates, ahead of national averages. Our employers are supported with a dedicated account manager to steer them through every step of the apprenticeship journey.

"Recruiting over 600 new apprentices every year"

Learners are supported with their training assessor to ensure they have every opportunity to thrive, achieve and progress to the next level. We have flexible delivery models, including programmes at Filton, Stroud and central Bristol. We also offer workplace delivery for some apprenticeship programmes.

We support over...



We support over 1000 employers a year with their apprenticeship programme, recruiting over 600 new apprentices every year.


Smart Assessor

Smart Assessor is an electronic collection of a learner’s skills and knowledge, which is assessed by their tutor against a training standard or qualification and replaces paper portfolios.

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