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GCSE English Literature Level 2 | GCSE (9-1) in English Literature

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Unconditional Places to Full-Time Applicants

Due to the uncertainty around how long the Covid-19 outbreak will last, it has been agreed for the immediate future that we will be offering unconditional places to full-time (not University Level) applicants who apply to SGS College.

Once you apply for your course, you will receive a communication offering you a place.

You just need to accept the offer, if you wish to.

We will then be in touch to discuss the offer once the Covid-19 risk reduces.


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GCSE English Literature is an enjoyable and stimulating subject which will develop your analytical skills as you study a range of literary texts. You will have the chance to study some of the most respected books throughout literary history and to explore them from a cultural, moral and social background. In this course you will study: Shakespeare and the 19th-century novel • Macbeth – Shakespeare • The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – Robert Louis Stevenson Modern texts and poetry • An Inspector Calls – J. B. Priestley • Love and relationships (learners will study 15 poems) • Unseen poetry By studying these texts, students will get the opportunity to develop the following skills: Reading comprehension and reading critically • Literal and inferential comprehension • Critical reading • Evaluation of a writer’s choice of vocabulary, grammatical and structural features • Comparing texts Writing • Producing clear and coherent text • Writing effectively about literature for a range of purposes • Accurate standard English

What do I need to join?

To enrol on the GCSE+ programme, applicants are expected to have a minimum grade profile of 2/3 in all subjects. Applicants will need to bring a marked piece of work to the interview. Entry tests in maths and English (and science if applying to a science subject) are required. The tests are usually held during the taster day.

How will I know how I am doing?

This subject is assessed by two 1 hour and 45 minute exams at the end of the academic year. Paper one covers Shakespeare and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. This exam is worth 60%. Paper two covers An Inspector Calls, love and relationships poetry and unseen poetry. This exam is worth 40%.

Work Experience

You will be required to do a minimum of 36 hours of work experience. This is typically done in a week during term time. The aim of work experience is to provide learners with life experience in writing an exciting CV, to help them discover what full-time employment is like and to help them begin to think of potential career paths.

What can I do next?

English literature seems like an unimportant subject to some. However, the principal abilities and skills you learn by studying this subject are immense. The ability to be analytical is extremely valuable. Students who study English literature often go on to study subjects such as law, philosophy, sociology and psychology. English literature teaches students to look at small details and provide reasons as to why they are important in the grand scheme of things. On top of such vital skills, English literature teaches you important grammatical writing skills, which are very necessary in later life.

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September 2020

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7th Sep 2020
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