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GCSE English Language Level 2 | GCSE (9-1) in English Language

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Unconditional Places to Full-Time Applicants

Due to the uncertainty around how long the Covid-19 outbreak will last, it has been agreed for the immediate future that we will be offering unconditional places to full-time (not University Level) applicants who apply to SGS College.

Once you apply for your course, you will receive a communication offering you a place.

You just need to accept the offer, if you wish to.

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GCSE+ English Language

This is the GCSE English Language course that schools and colleges across the country are now teaching. The course will help you to work towards gaining a grade 5 or above, as well as developing crucial skills that will help you to progress into further education or employment. This is an essential qualification for Level 3 courses and is also sought by many apprenticeship schemes, employers and universities. When studying English language, you will cover various aspects of English, including exploring creative reading, undertaking creative writing and analysing writers' viewpoints and perspectives. The course will also help you to improve your communication skills through verbal presentations and taking part in discussions.

In this course you will study:

  • • Explorations in creative reading and writing: The aim of this paper is to engage students in a creative text and inspire them to write creatively themselves.
  • • Writers’ viewpoints and perspectives: The aim of this paper is to develop students’ insights into how writers have particular viewpoints and perspectives on issues or themes that are important to the way we think and live our lives.
  • • Spoken language: This is assessed by a non-examined assessment, and the aim of the assessment is to allow students to demonstrate their speaking and listening skills by:
  • i. Giving a presentation in a formal context
  • ii. Responding appropriately to questions and feedback, and asking questions themselves to elicit clarification
  • iii. Using spoken standard English
  • How will I know how I am doing?

    This subject is assessed by one NEA (non-examined assessment) and two 1 hour and 45 minute exams at the end of the academic year.

    Paper 1 covers explorations in creative reading and writing. This exam is worth 50%.

    Paper 2 covers writers’ viewpoints and perspectives. This exam is worth 50%.

    What do I need to join?

    To enroll on the GCSE+ programme, applicants are expected to have a minimum grade profile of 2/3 in all subjects.

    Applicants will need to bring a marked piece of work to the interview.

    Entry tests in maths and English (and science if applying to a science subject) are required. The tests are usually held during the taster day.

    Work Experience

    You will be required to do a minimum of 36 hours of work experience. This is typically done in a week during term time. The aim of work experience is to provide learners with life experience in writing an exciting CV, to help them discover what full-time employment is like and to help them begin to think of potential career paths.

    What can I do next?

    English Language is a nationally required subject for almost all fields of progression. In order to advance to A-levels or any other Level 3 qualification, apprenticeship scheme or employment, learners are expected to achieve a minimum of grade 4 in English Language.

    English Language is the science of discourse, and so the study of English can lead to a profession in journalism, forensic linguistics, media and broadcasting, research and development or a huge variety of other careers. People who aspire to reach these noble professions apply for Level 3 courses in order to expand their knowledge of the English language and communication.

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