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This page contains information about FlexPay.

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Support Options Summary

FlexPay allows all students to spread their payments across the academic year and pay monthly.

With FlexPay you can select the payment plan length that best suits you and track payments, make more payments and message us and FlexPay via your own secure account. There’s a small admin fee to pay each month but it’s not a loan so there’s no interest or credit charges. If you don’t keep up payments there is a late payment charge but its all explained and super easy to set up.

To set up a payment plan you will need to first search for your course. The easiest way to do this is to use the SGS course code (make sure this is your current course code). You can find this on your joining instructions letter/email or on ProPortal (your course names and course codes are listed under the information tab). If you need any support then please contact MMS at [email protected]. If you are in the 16/18 funding bracket and only need to pay for your course materials then look for your course code with a '(U)' after it.

Click here to set up your payment plan
FlexPay Student Portal Guide Download FlexPay powerpoint

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