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IT Support

In this current situation it is really important that all students’ can access and engage with learning and communicate and collaborate digitally outside of College. The most important thing students will need to do is access Microsoft Teams and Office 365, and be able to engage in virtual learning through the use a camera and microphone. Additionally, whilst it is not mandatory, many courses are now encouraging students to bring portable devices into College to use in their lessons. This is a fantastic way of helping learners to prepare for the world of work as many jobs now involve using portable computers.

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Support Options Summary

As we realise that not every student has a portable device, and the College is not in a position to provide computers to students, we have put a number of support options in place to assist students in gaining the digital access required to allow them to fully engage with their learning.

These are as follows:

  • While you are a student at SGS you have access to a free copy of Microsoft Office applications (Word, PowerPoint etc.).
  • We are offering additional timeslots in our Learning Resources Centres to accommodate those who need more access to digital resources on campus.
  • The option to buy a portable device upfront or on Hire Purchase for as little as £11.50 per month.
  • Potential bursary support in the purchase of a portable device for learners who have been awarded a 16-18 Bursary.

For full details on each scheme please see below:

Free Access to a Copy of Microsoft Office Applications

This is a great freebie and everyone should take advantage of this!

To get your free copy log in to Office 365 on your computer and select “Office apps” from “My Account”.

Additional Timeslots in the Learning and Resource Centres

Please be aware that you will need to book your required timeslots.

More information will be shared once your programme begins.

Options to Buy or Purchase a Portable Device Upfront or on Hire Purchase

We have a partnership with Academia, ConnectED which will support any Student studying with SGS College to purchase portable devices.

This partnership offers Students:

  • Machines with appropriate specification at competitive market prices.
  • 3-year warranty included in the price.
  • Additional extras listed and easy to purchase.
  • Option of buying upfront or on Hire Purchase for as little as £11.50 per month.
  • Reliable support if the machine breaks down.

There are 5 machines on offer and for General use at College the entry level machines are adequate. However, if you are on a programme of study that requires greater processing power, such as running Adobe or other creative applications, you should consider the higher end machines. You can also consult with your tutor once your course begins, or through the Prepared Team you have been placed in.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no requirement for students to purchase from the ConnectED website and if you do so the agreement is between Academia, ConnectED and yourself. The College is not part of any agreement made when purchasing a machine from Academia, ConnectED.

All information can be found at the ConnectED website:

Go to ConnectED website

Bursary Support with Purchase of Portable Device

Due to COVID19 and the subsequent need for distance learning, this year we have set funds aside to assist Students with the purchase of a portable device that will enable them to participate in distance learning.

To be eligible for this additional support you must:

  • Be in receipt of the 16-18 Bursary for the academic year 2020/21
  • Presently not have access to IT from home

PLEASE NOTE: Funding for Portable Devices is limited and we will therefore only be able to provide support whilst funds last.

If a Student is eligible for the IT element of this year’s bursary award, then a member of the MMS team will contact them. The Student does not need to additionally apply for this support.

If successful:

  • The student will be sent an email to confirm that they have been awarded the IT element of the bursary award. The email will include a link to an online risk waiver form. This waiver needs to be completed as soon as possible by the learner, (it will only take a minute).
  • Once the risk waiver has been completed voucher numbers will be requested from Academia.
  • Once received, the student will be emailed the voucher number that they can then use to purchase an entry level laptop through Academia, (see section ‘Options to Buy or Purchase a Portable Device Upfront or on Hire Purchase’ above).
  • When they purchase the portable device they will be asked to enter the voucher number they have been given as payment.
  • The voucher will be time limited so they will need to be used fairly quickly
  • There will be no credit options available to students using a voucher, so if they wish to purchase a portable device for a higher amount, or buy additional extras, then they will need to pay the outstanding balance at the point of purchase.
  • Academia will then post the portable device to the learner's home address. As such any queries on delivery will need to be directed to Academia.
  • If devices are lost, stolen or break down they will not be replaced by SGS College.

PLEASE NOTE: Once purchased the Portable Device will be owned by the Student and SGS College will have no responsibility towards the device. As such all responsibility for upkeep, loss or damage will be their own.

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