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Summer internship will provide Keris with valuable experience

A business student from SGS College is eagerly awaiting the end of the summer term after gaining an internship with an international law firm.

Keris John-Baptise aged 18 from Yate has nearly completed the first year of a Level 3 Diploma in Business. At the same time she has been taking part in the College’s Career Academy which offers a handful of students the chance to gain extra business knowledge by visiting organisations, attending seminars and having a business mentor.

During the summer break Keris will be working as an intern at Freshfield, a multinational law firm based in London. A long way from home, Keris will stay with her auntie who lives in London, during the week.

Keris found out about the position after attending an event in London through the Career Academy and decided to go for it. She attended an assessment and interview day along with 40 other applicants and was astonished when she was told she was one of the selected 12 applicants to receive a place.

Keris will now join the firm for six weeks as a Junior Receptionist and will travel around various departments within the organisation seeing how all the functions work. She comments: “I think it’s an honour and I really didn’t expect to get it. It is a great opportunity and will look good on my CV and university application.

I am unsure of what I want to study at university next year so being able to work in the different departments will also allow me to see what I enjoy most. I am now looking forward to starting although I am a bit scared and extremely nervous.”

Head of Department, Layla Johnson, commented: “This is a fantastic opportunity for Keris; to work in London in a professional environment, build contacts, experience and skills. We are so proud of her. This really is the chance of a lifetime.”