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High street pop-up shop aids Goodwill evening

A unique pop-up shop run by art students from South Gloucestershire and Stroud College will hit Stroud high street this weekend offering an array of printed items.

Running for two days the shop which is part of the learner’s studies will appear just in time for the Goodwill Evening in Stroud.

Former tenants, Five Valleys Leisure of 66 High Street, kindly let the SGS students use their vacant shop which will see a range of items designed by the learners including tote bags, prints and t-shirts among other things, on show. 

Opening on Friday 6th December from 10am-9pm and Saturday 7th December from 10am-4pm, the store will offer a variety of special Christmas gifts.

Student, Katie Schofield, aged 18 commented: “It’s very exciting to be creating a pop-up shop and provides really useful experience for selling in a shop. It’s also a good opportunity for customers to come and find out who the products have been designed by. We’re very proud of the work we’ve created; I’ve been working on shop furniture and shelving for product display, including restoring an old piece of furniture to act as a cash desk and creating a sign for the shop window.”

Amanda Lowri, Head of Art comments: “Students are encouraged to think about the business application that their artistic studies could have in the future, whether that be starting their own business, or working in a commercial environment. A pop-up shop gives a chance to explore all aspects of business, whether that is concept work, strategic planning, market appeal, product design, budgets, merchandising, stock taking and marketing and PR. The students are very excited and can’t wait to open up.”