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Covid Update

On Tuesday 29 March, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Sajid Javid, set out the next steps for living with COVID-19 in England from Friday 1 April.

Updated guidance advises:

  • Adults with the symptoms of a respiratory infection, and who have a high temperature or feel unwell, should try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people until they feel well enough to resume normal activities and no longer have a high temperature.
  • Children and young people who are unwell and have a high temperature should stay at home and avoid contact with other people. They can return to college when they no longer have a high temperature, and are well enough to attend.
  • Adults with a positive COVID-19 test result should try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for 5 days, which is when they are most infectious. For children and young people aged 18 and under, the advice is 3 days.

For education and childcare settings from Friday 1 April:

  • Regular asymptomatic testing is no longer recommended in any education or childcare setting, including in SEND, alternative provision and children’s social care settings. Therefore, we will no longer be able to order test kits .

Published 7 months ago

Seasonal cheer and magic created at the Stroud School of Art Christmas Party

Stroud School of Art (SSOA), nestled within the vibrant community of SGS College, transformed into a hub of festive creativity during its Christmas Party on the evening of Wednesday, 13th December.

The event featured a delightful array of activities, ensuring there was something for everyone. Visitors were treated to enchanting musical performances, hands-on print, drawing and clay workshops, and a selection of festive treats to heighten the holiday spirit.

The heart of the event beat with the passion and creativity of the students, who seized the opportunity to showcase their work and share their artistic visions with an appreciative audience.

Family, friends, and members of the wider community came together to celebrate the students' achievements and immerse themselves in the festive and creative ambiance.

Kayleigh Reynolds, Learning Area Manager for Art and Design Stroud was thrilled at the turnout for the event. “I am truly humbled by all the people that were part of last night's event. It was a fantastic celebration of creativity and such a fabulous opportunity to share laughs, skills and get into the festive spirit. The team are all buzzing, and it's so wonderful to see the smiles on everyone's faces”.

As Stroud School of Art continues to foster an environment where imagination knows no bounds, the Christmas Party served as a shining example of the department and community's commitment to nurturing and promoting the arts.

About Stroud School of Art

Stroud School of Art, part of SGS College, is a dynamic hub for artistic expression and education. Committed to fostering creativity, the school provides a platform for students to explore and develop their artistic talents across various mediums. Through a combination of innovative programmes and a supportive community, the Stroud School of Art empowers the next generation of artists to thrive in their creative pursuits.

For information on our wide range of Art, Music, and Games Design programmes please visit:

For more information and media inquiries, please contact: Gemma Blake - Digital Marketing Officer - [email protected]

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