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Covid-19 2021 Stay Safe

Supporting vulnerable learners and the children of critical workers during lockdown.

During the period of national lockdown, schools, alternative provision, special schools, and colleges will remain open to vulnerable children and young people and the children of critical workers only.

The details below are who SGS College can support during this difficult period:

  1. Preparation for Work & Life Learner
  2. The Chase learners
  3. Learners with EHCPs
  4. Learners without digital access
  5. Learners with parents who are critical workers
  6. Vulnerable learners – those with an allocated social worker

Preparation for Work & Life & learners from Wednesday 6th January at Filton Campus & Preparation for Work & Life & learners from Monday 11th January at Stroud.

With additional safety measures we can continue to offer onsite curriculum provision for all Preparation for Work and Life learners. Learner timetables will remain the same and will be sent out via the department with a supporting letter outlining further details.

The Government recognises that online learning is not always appropriate for learners with additional vulnerabilities. We know our curriculum works best when delivered face to face at college. Following the first National Lockdown we were able to see the negative impact on learners who had not been able to continue attending onsite lessons.

Since the start of term we have had measures in place to create a protective bubble around our students. We reduced mixing within the Department and eliminated contact with learners from other bubbles. Our efforts have meant that so far we have not had a case of Covid within our Preparation for Work or Life areas or needed to revert to online learning for any period of time.

We understand that some students or their families may fall into the high risk group, and as a result feel unsure about attending onsite learning at this time. We are keen to support you though this difficult time and will be happy to discuss your concerns to agree the best way for your young person to access their full curriculum.

The Chase at Stroud from Monday 11th January.

Planning on timetables and provision for The Chase is ongoing, but we are aiming for those learners who are not clinically vulnerable to start back onsite Monday 11 January.

Learners with Educational Health Care Plans, vulnerable learners (those who have an allocated social worker) & those whose parents / guardians are a key worker.

The Government advised that colleges will close to students with effect from Tuesday 5th January 2021. The exception is colleges should remain open to those students with an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP), those who are identified as vulnerable (i.e. have an allocated social worker) or whose main carers are keyworkers (such as working in frontline NHS health care, emergency services or home/supermarket deliveries) – a full overview can be viewed here.

SGS will provide an educational environment for students to access their online learning sessions. Students will have access to Wi-Fi or computer or both to complete their work. The provision will not include taught face to face sessions. The purpose of this provision is to provide a supervised learning environment. Where possible we are requesting students to provide their own lunch and drinks.

While the College already holds data relating to students with an EHCP, your co-operation in ensuring we have the most current data will be invaluable. Please be assured that all information provided will be treated in confidence and in line with GDPR. We thank you in advance for your support and assistance.

To assist us with emergency planning and to secure access the above provision, please complete the brief questionnaire below:

Launch questionnaire