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L2 Uniformed Services Level 2 | Diploma for Entry to the Uniformed Services

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Unconditional Places to Full-Time Applicants

Due to the uncertainty around how long the Covid-19 outbreak will last, it has been agreed for the immediate future that we will be offering unconditional places to full-time (not University Level) applicants who apply to SGS College.

Once you apply for your course, you will receive a communication offering you a place.

You just need to accept the offer, if you wish to.

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This Level 2 (GCSE-equivalent) qualification is designed to provide learners with the skills, confidence and knowledge required for a career in the public services sector. Employment in the uniformed services, the public sector or private companies are all potential progression options from this Level 2 provision, as is the Level 3 (A-level-equivalent) Uniformed Services qualification at SGS.

Learners will study a range of units that will prepare them for making a recruitment application, or will provide them with a basis for further study and progression towards the entry qualification of a specific service. Modules studied may include: entry into the uniformed services, physical fitness, health and safety, equality and diversity and developing teamworking and problem-solving skills.

What do I need to join?

Entry requirements are 2 GCSEs at grade 3 (D) or above, including Maths and English Language.

How will I know how I am doing?

Learners will be assigned a personal tutor, who, alongside other delivery staff on the programme, will monitor progress on the course in relation to work submission, attendance, behaviour and punctuality, as well as progress against a learner's individual targets. Learners will receive feedback from delivery staff regarding their assessments and will also meet regularly with their personal tutor on a one-to-one basis to review progress and ensure that the required progression can be met.

Maths & English

As part of the programme, learners will undertake GCSE Maths and English Language qualifications to enable them to work towards achieving grade 4 (C) in both by the end of the course. Opportunities to upskill in both maths and English will be provided and feedback given to learners on areas of strength and areas for improvement.


Employability plays an important role in this programme and the course units are specifically selected to allow learners to experience what it is like to work in the public services sector.

We also invite guest speakers from the public services sector to come in and present. Learners also have the opportunity to work with the public services sector and the local community, as well as participating in events with local services.

Work Experience

Learners will undertake a period of work experience that will allow them to understand what it is like to work in this sector.

What can I do next?

Learners will be challenged to progress onto the Level 3 Uniformed Services qualification at SGS. Learners who successfully complete their study programme and meet the required progression criteria will be eligible to progress onto Level 3. Alternatively, learners may gain employment in the industry or begin an apprenticeship in an associated field.

What are my career options?

Many jobs in the uniformed public services are open to learners upon completion of this programme.

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September 2020

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7th Sep 2020
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7th Sep 2020
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