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At SGS College we offer a number of fully funded Art on Prescription courses, that patients/clients/students can benefit from. We welcome all levels of ability on these courses with our team of professionals on hand to support, as you explore the world of creativity and its positive effects.

Part-time 19+ (Adults)

Experiencing conditions such as...

  • Stress/anxiety/depression
  • Behaviour-related health issues
  • Bereavement or major life changes
  • Chronic pain or illness

Then you could benefit from the experience of joining one of our classes.


Wherever you are self-referring or have been or a referred patient/client, we have a number of courses aimed to improve well-being, confidence, self-esteem and to help build creative and vocational skills.

Ideal for those 19+ (Adult)Part-time

FREE Prescription Stroud Campus, St James Parish Centre, Windmill Hill City Farm
FREE Prescription Stroud Campus
FREE Prescription Stroud Campus, Centre of Arts & Science
FREE Prescription Hub Academy
FREE Prescription Stroud Campus
Part time Prospectus

Part time 20/21

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Open Event

All Courses, All Levels - Open Day

23rd January from 10am-1pm @ All campuses

  • Filton Campus,Stroud Campus,Wise Campus,Bristol School of Art (Queens Road Campus),Bristol Zoo
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