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Whether you’re looking for that second chance or, you want to create your own bespoke study programme of up to five GCSEs, SGS College’s GCSE Plus Programme offers a mature, independent environment where learners can achieve their true academic potential and emerge as more confident individuals, ready to take on their next challenge.

Full-time 16-19

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Parents Guide TAGs Video

Teacher Assessed Grades

This short video gives an overview of the process for allocating teacher assessed grades for A-Levels and GCSEs in 2020/21. It looks specifically at the evidence base for allocating the grade and highlights wider issues around time frames and appeals.

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Sports Academies Did you know you can join one of our elite Sports Academies along side a Full-time study programme?Learn more about our academies

Open Event

All Subjects Open Event

Join us at the SGS Filton, SGS WISE, SGS Stroud, SGS Queens Road and find out about South Gloucestershire & Stroud College's wide range of study programmes, including those starting September 2022.

  • Filton Campus,Stroud Campus,Wise Campus,Bristol School of Art (Queens Road Campus)
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