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A-Level Film Studies Level 3 | GCE AS Level in Film Studies

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A successful film studies student will need to be interested in the world of film, such as having the desire to understand the relationship between films and viewers, to watch movies from a range of genres and film movements, to analyse issues of representation and to discuss why we see the films that we do in the cinemas. The first year introduces the subject and important concepts that you will need to apply throughout the course. This includes micro-concepts, such as narrative and genre, as well as micro-terminology for analysing films. The course requires a knowledge and understanding of world cinema: we will look in particular at the portrayal of power, poverty and conflict in Brazilian and French cinema.

In this course, you will study the following.

Year 1:

Varieties of film and film-making

Six feature films are studied; these are possible choices:

  • • Some Like it Hot
  • • Blade Runner
  • • La La Land
  • • Frances Ha
  • • Moon
  • • Under the Skin
  • Year 2:

    Global film-making perspectives

    There will be five feature-length films studied for this component:

    Section A – Global film

  • • Victoria
  • • Timbuktu
  • Section B – Documentary

  • • Amy
  • Section C – Silent cinema

  • • One Week/The Scarecrow/The High Sign/Cops
  • Section D

  • • Pulp Fiction
  • Core study: Film form, meaning and the response to and context of film

    Specialist areas: Spectatorship, narrative, ideology, auteur, critical debates, film-makers' theories

    This is a brand new specification that is looking at the study of film from a film-maker's perspective.

    What do I need to join?

    To study this course, you will need five GCSEs at grade 4–9, including English and Maths.

    Work Experience

    You will be required to do a minimum of 36 hours of work experience. This is usually completed in a week during your first year in term time, where you will have the opportunity to explore a career field which takes your interest. In the lead-up to this week, you will be asked to create an exciting CV during a group tutorial period. The aim of this activity is to give you an idea of what full-time employment is like and to help you think about which career you would like to follow.

    What can I do next?

    Film studies is an opening path for those who are interested in production or storytelling. Film studies students often study media studies alongside this subject. This leads to degree courses such as: media production, broadcasting and photography.

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