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Principal's Statement

It is our aim that all full-time learners will have a full, quality education programme. Our induction week commenced on 7th September and all full-time 16-18 year old learners had one full day on campus that week. Course delivery commenced on the 14th September and during this week learners will receive at least 3 days of learning per week. Until 25th September and to ensure we are happy with all of our social distancing measures, learners will receive 5 hours per week on campus and 10 hours of digital delivery. It is our hope that from the week commencing 28th September, learners will then receive 10 hours delivery on site per week over two days, supported by 5 hours of digital delivery offsite and further independent study.

Learners with Educational Health Care Plans (EHCPs) will be supported to have a greater number of days on campus.

We are also hoping to restart our adult evening training, degree level programmes and apprenticeships on site from 5th October.

Our priority is the safety and well-being of our staff and learners and we will do all we can to ensure that learners continue to achieve an outstanding educational learning experience in line with social distancing measures.

Please read more below about how SGS is going the distance to keep your education 'ProtectED'.

Take care and stay safe and have a great summer.

Wearing of Face Masks at SGS College

SGS is looking forward to welcoming you to college. We encourage all learners to wear face masks within communal areas when on campus and also in any delivery areas where it is not possible to maintain 2 metres distance from others.

Enrolment Flexibility - you can enrol online or onsite, whatever works best for you

If you apply to SGS College you will receive details of how to enrol online or onsite, whichever you are most comfortable with. Please email [email protected] if you have not yet received your enrolment link.

SGS Protected

'SGS ProtectED' - you will be safe if you attend college

As SGS reopened in June we have had the opportunity to successfully implement and trial a robust approach to onsite health, safety, well-being and hygiene plans to ensure you are safe when onsite. This will continue when learners return from September.

Details of what will be in place are below:

  • Every classroom, workshop, library and social area will be set-up to ensure you can study and socialise safely to reduce Covid-19 spreading.
  • We will have extra cleaning, extra hand-washing facilities, and extra staff on hand to make sure everyone sticks to the rules.
  • Clear safety signage will be in place across all campuses.
  • Start and finish times will vary for different classes to support safe access to public transport to and from college.
  • We will have far fewer learners on our campuses on a day to day basis to ensure social distancing can be managed effectively.
  • Departments will operate as dedicated zones and learners per day will be viewed as a 'bubble' to limit contact with others onsite.

SGS College's approach to learning for the first half-term

  • Course delivery commences from14th September, following the learner’s induction week, and learners will receive at least 3 days of learning per week. During September, and whilst we ensure we are happy with all of our social distancing measures, learners will receive 5 hours per week on campus and 10 hours of digital delivery. It is our hope that from 28th September learners will receive 10 hours delivery on site per week, supported by 5 hours of digital delivery plus further independent study.
  • IT equipment and internet access can be requested and will be accessed on a case by case basis, but we will do everything we can to ensure you can learn remotely.
  • When you study from home, you'll still feel part of the SGS community. You'll have regular contact with your teachers to monitor progress and help you engage with this type of learning.
  • We are committed to ensuring you have a safe and positive experience as an SGS learner so when in college, you'll still be able to meet friends within your bubble and have a good social experience, as well as a structured learning experience. Most importantly, you'll still be able to get the qualifications to help you progress in the future.

Travel to College

SGS is working closely with local authorities and local Government to ensure that there is enough transport to support learners getting to College in September. However, current capacities are greatly reduced on buses and trains hence the reason we wish to increase the number of days a learner is on site once the public transport capacities increase. Please ensure you check what services are running and plan ahead to manage your journey into College. Additionally, please ensure you have a face mask, as these are compulsory in order to travel on public transport. Bins for used face masks will be available on entry to the College, along with hand sanitising facilities.

Important - Guidance That Must Be Followed To Ensure You Are Safe Onsite

Please note the conditions outlined below. These are for your safety and that of others on campus, you MUST make yourself familiar with these and follow them while you are on campus.

These are for your safety and that of others on campus, you MUST make yourself familiar with these and follow them while you are on campus.

  • Do not attend the campus if you have any Covid-19 symptoms (e.g. raised temperature, fever, sore throat, loss of taste, loss of smell etc.)
  • Ensure that you sanitise your hands, as directed, when you arrive at campus, regularly during your time on campus and following the use of toilet and other onsite facilities.
  • Remind yourself of the strict social distancing, put in place to reduce the transmission rate of Coronavirus. From June 1st, the Government's guidance on staying alert and safe means that you must continue to maintain a safe social distance from others which includes staying at least two metres apart from anyone outside of your household.

If you wish to wear a face covering while inside or if you are in an enclosed space then you are welcome to do so. If you do choose to wear a face covering you may be asked to remove it, at a safe distance, to confirm your identify.

For the safety of all, anyone found on College grounds not adhering to social distancing measures or failing to follow reasonable instructions will be asked to leave the site immediately.

Please observe all social distancing and infection control measures, which will be clearly signposted when you arrive. Stay alert for everyone's safety and well-being.

  • All parking management and enforcement is suspended until 30 September. After this date you must register your vehicle or buy a parking ticket on arrival. A link to register your vehicle is below:
  • You will only be allowed to remain on site for your allotted lessons and you will need to leave the campus immediately after your session has been completed - you cannot currently stay on site to socialise.
  • Break times are at set times during the day and must be adhered to.
  • Smoking is currently banned across the whole campus, which includes the car park.
  • If any of the above guidance isn't followed you will respectfully be asked to leave the campus immediately.

Video Overview of Studying at SGS from September

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