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Covid-19 information for learners, parents, employers, visitors and stakeholders.

Face Masks must be worn at SGS College

Report It!
If you test positive for Covid-19, please ensure you email [email protected] in addition to letting your tutor know.
This mailbox is monitored 24 hours a day and means we can act upon this information immediately.

Principal's Statement

Kevin Hamblin - CEO of the SGS Academy Trust Sara-Jane Watkins, College Principal

As a College, throughout this unprecedented situation, SGS has constantly adhered to the current Government guidance and, in many cases, has gone above and beyond what was asked of the college sector.

In order to give you the background as to what we have implemented on site, I thought it would be useful to pick out the key points from the Government guidance, to explain what is being said and then to explain what we have done at SGS and why.

The Government has stated: 'From this autumn, we expect you to resume delivery so that students of all ages can benefit from their education and training in full. This means we expect you to:

  • Fully deliver planned hours for students of all ages from your normal term start date in autumn 2020, including those with SEND (with or without an EHC plan).
  • Ensure that on site delivery resumes, recognising that this may be supplemented by high quality remote delivery where that is effective existing practice.
  • Assess the gaps in students' knowledge and skills early in the autumn term and focus on addressing the significant gaps to help them to catch up.
  • Put in place additional support for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people, including identifying whether they need support to access any remote delivery.
  • Identify and put in place plans to manage any safeguarding concerns.
  • Some providers delivered aspects of provision remotely prior to national lockdown and this has been successfully expanded over recent months. This may continue in the new academic year.

An increase in the use of remote delivery is reasonable provided that:

  • It complements the overall offer and does not undermine the quality of education and engagement with students
  • On-site delivery counts for the majority of planned learning hours for all 16 to 19 students (other than in exceptional circumstances such as when restrictions are in place to contain local outbreaks or if individuals need to self-isolate)
  • Approaches used for building knowledge and skills are appropriate to meet the reasonable needs of students'.

On the basis of this guidance, SGS has undertaken a blended approach for full-time learners where they receive 2 days face to face teaching, supported by additional online delivery using the College's TEAMs system Learners will receive at least 3 days of delivery per week using this blended approach.

We recognise that many stakeholders have anxieties and we have done all we can to protect staff delivery members at the front of the classroom with dedicated delivery boxes, PPE and also Perspex screens to stand behind if requested. Our stance remains the same for staff to be 2m away from learners or 1m plus other forms of protection if they are required to move around. The Government guidance states 'It is strong public health advice that staff maintain distance from their students, staying at the front of the room, and away from their colleagues where possible. Ideally, everyone should maintain a 2 metre distance from each other wherever possible, or 1 metre with additional mitigations. Everyone should avoid close, direct face to face contact and minimise time spent within 1 metre of anyone. However, it will not be possible when working with many students who have complex needs or who need close contact care'.

The College has also been incredibly diligent in terms of establishing zones, staggered breaks and lunchtimes in line with Government guidance that states 'When timetabling, groups should be kept apart and movement around the site kept to a minimum. While passing briefly in the corridor or outdoor communal areas is low risk, you should avoid creating busy corridors, entrances and exits. You should also consider staggered break times and lunch times (and time for cleaning surfaces in the canteen or restaurant between groups)'.

In order to help protect you all and our excellent teaching and support staff, with immediate effect, face masks must be worn in all areas of the college, including classrooms; exemptions will only be in place for those with medical conditions or on health and safety grounds where mask wearing is not recommended. Face masks must be worn in refectories and removed for eating.

As a College this year we have seen unprecedented growth in some areas due to the loss of jobs and apprenticeship opportunities, without any additional funding. The Government guidance states: 'We strongly recommend that, as a minimum, you plan to keep your year groups or cohorts of students separate from each other during the day. You will need to think about whether you can group students into smaller groupings and still deliver a full programme of study. However, there is no set requirement to make cohorts smaller than a normal class size. By limiting contact between different groups, this means that if one person in a group tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), you can be confident that they have only had close contact with some or all of that group, rather than the whole year group. These are considerations you will need to make when reaching your decision'. This needs to be read in the context of all key stage 4 and 5 education, where class sizes can be in excess of 30.

Despite the Government ending shielding, the College is reviewing this weekly to ensure measures are in place to mitigate risks wherever possible.

As a college, we recognise that this is a very challenging and worrying time and in whatever we do, we hope to act with compassion and respect, and accept how difficult this is for many.

We are here to listen and support all stakeholders the best we can. If you need to contact the College with any questions or concerns, please email [email protected].

Sport & Public Services Staffing / Course Delivery Statement

We have been advised by Public Health England that there has been a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the Sport & Public Services Department at our WISE campus.

We know that you may find this concerning, but we are continuing to monitor the situation and are working closely with Public Health England.

We have made the decision to ask all affected staff in the department to self-isolate for 14 days from the 16th November, and that all learning from now will be remote, we will resume face to face delivery on the 30th November.

We have already notified all learners who are required to self-isolate and so this is not the case for your child as they have not been in direct contact with the confirmed case.

If you are a learner and part of our Sports Academy programme and you have not been asked to self-isolate, you can continue to attend training.

Alex Gaiger, Head of Faculty

Current Cases Wednesday 26th November

Campus Live Positive Cases Subject Area(s) In Isolation Isolation End Date
Filton Main 3 L3 Plumbing, L1 Group A Plumbing and L2 Group A Plumbing Yes 29/11/2020
Level 3 Extended Diploma Business Yes 29/11/2020
GCSE Plus Yes 6/12/2020
Filton Sixth Form 0 N/A N/A N/A
Wise 4 Musical Theatre Yes 30/11/2020
All Full-Time Sports & Public Services Courses Yes 30/11/2020
Queens Road (Bristol School of Art) 0 N/A N/A N/A
Stroud 1 Level 1 Bricklaying Yes 6/12/2020
Bristol Zoo Gardens 0 N/A N/A N/A

If you wish to contact SGS about this message, please email [email protected]

SGS Protected

'SGS ProtectED' - you will be safe if you attend college

As SGS reopened in June we have had the opportunity to successfully implement and trial a robust approach to onsite health, safety, well-being and hygiene plans to ensure you are safe when onsite.

Details of what is in place:

  • Every classroom, workshop, library and social area is set-up to ensure you can study and socialise safely to reduce Covid-19 spreading.
  • We have extra cleaning, extra hand-washing facilities, and extra staff on hand to make sure everyone sticks to the rules.
  • Clear safety signage is in place across all campuses.
  • Start and finish times vary for different classes to support safe access to public transport to and from college.
  • We have far fewer learners on our campuses on a day to day basis to ensure social distancing can be managed effectively.
  • Departments operate as dedicated zones and learners per day will be viewed as a 'bubble' to limit contact with others onsite.
  • All staff and learners are mandated to wear face masks onsite.

Important - Guidance That Must Be Followed To Ensure You Are Safe Onsite

Please note the conditions outlined below. These are for your safety and that of others on campus, you MUST make yourself familiar with these and follow them while you are on campus.

These are for your safety and that of others on campus, you MUST make yourself familiar with these and follow them while you are on campus.

  • Do not attend the campus if you have any Covid-19 symptoms (e.g. raised temperature, fever, sore throat, loss of taste, loss of smell etc.)
  • Ensure that you sanitise your hands, as directed, when you arrive at campus, regularly during your time on campus and following the use of toilet and other onsite facilities.
  • Remind yourself of the strict social distancing, put in place to reduce the transmission rate of Coronavirus. From June 1st, the Government's guidance on staying alert and safe means that you must continue to maintain a safe social distance from others which includes staying at least two metres apart from anyone outside of your household.

In order to help protect you all and our excellent teaching and support staff, with immediate effect, face masks must be worn in all areas of the college, including classrooms; exemptions will only be in place for those with medical conditions or on health and safety grounds where mask wearing is not recommended. Face masks must be worn in refectories and removed for eating. Please note, you may be asked to remove your mask, at a safe distance, to confirm your identify.

For the safety of all, anyone found on College grounds not adhering to social distancing measures or failing to follow reasonable instructions will be asked to leave the site immediately.

Please observe all social distancing and infection control measures, which will be clearly signposted when you arrive. Stay alert for everyone's safety and well-being.

  • All parking management and enforcement is suspended until 30 September. After this date you must register your vehicle or buy a parking ticket on arrival. A link to register your vehicle is below:
  • You will only be allowed to remain on site for your allotted lessons and you will need to leave the campus immediately after your session has been completed - you cannot currently stay on site to socialise.
  • Break times are at set times during the day and must be adhered to.
  • Smoking is currently banned across the whole campus, which includes the car park.
  • If any of the above guidance isn't followed you will respectfully be asked to leave the campus immediately.

SGS College's Approach to Learning for the Second Half-Term

  • 16-18, Pre-16s and Higher Education delivery: Face to face on-campus delivery will be prioritised for these cohorts and we will not be increasing the number of days on site above those that were in place before half-term. Learners do not have an option to choose between face-to-face delivery or online learning. Teaching staff will focus on face-to-face delivery and will provide catch up work to those learners who cannot genuinely attend site because they are unwell or isolating.
  • Adult and apprenticeship delivery: Apart from within our vocational, sport, construction and creative adult and apprenticeship provision, most adult and apprenticeship provision will be moved online during this lockdown period. We accept in some areas, due to a lack of digital skills or broadband accessibility, that some adult learning will need to continue being face-to-face. In these instances, we will work with managers to ensure all adult and apprenticeship learners are at least 1m apart and wearing face masks when onsite, so teaching continues.
  • Examinations: Learners, whatever their age, will be supported to sit any scheduled exams during this lockdown period. We will follow and comply with the new JCQ social distancing measures for examinations and learners will wear masks in all exam settings.
  • IT equipment and internet access can be requested and will be accessed on a case by case basis, but we will do everything we can to ensure you can learn remotely. You can also book in to use PCs and the internet within our LRCs.
  • When you study from home, you'll still feel part of the SGS community. You'll have regular contact with your teachers to monitor progress and help you engage with this type of learning.
  • We are committed to ensuring you continue to have a safe and positive experience as an SGS learner so when in college, you'll still be able to meet friends within your bubble and have a good social experience, as well as a structured learning experience. Most importantly, you'll still be able to get the qualifications to help you progress in the future.

Travel to College

SGS is working closely with local authorities and local Government to ensure that there is enough transport to support learners getting to College in September. However, current capacities are greatly reduced on buses and trains hence the reason we wish to increase the number of days a learner is on site once the public transport capacities increase. Please ensure you check what services are running and plan ahead to manage your journey into College. Additionally, please ensure you have a face mask, as these are compulsory in order to travel on public transport. Bins for used face masks will be available on entry to the College, along with hand sanitising facilities.