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Principal's Statement

Monday 6th July 2020

SGS College reopened its main campuses to some first year students from 17th June and has also been supporting small groups of learners in Electrical, Plumbing, Engineering, Hair and Beauty to complete their qualifications. All returning students have been supported to return in an environment that enables social distancing.

We have also welcomed into the College, on a one to one basis, new applicants who due to the lockdown have missed out on a formal interview this year so that they have had the opportunity to meet their tutor and to discuss their chosen course for this coming September. All applicants have been provided with an online enrolment link as well as access to our summer bridging course ‘Prepared’ to help with the transition into college. If you have yet to receive your link to the online enrolment and the ‘Prepared’ work, please email [email protected]

We are currently working hard to plan for the new academic year based on the Government’s guidance issued on 2nd July.

It is our aim that all full-time learners will have a full, quality education programme. Our induction week commences 7th September and all learners will have one full day on campus that week. Course delivery commences 14th September and learners will receive at least 3 days of learning per week. During September, and whilst we ensure we are happy with all of our social distancing measures, learners will receive 5 hours per week on campus and 10 hours of digital delivery. It is our hope that from October learners will then receive 10 hours delivery on site per week, supported by 5 hours of digital delivery.

We are also hoping to restart our adult evening training, degree level programmes and apprenticeships in September and we will update this page and our social media sites as soon as we can confirm plans.

We will be open for late enrolment and advice and guidance from Thursday 20th August – Friday 18th September and you can book into a slot online via our website or email [email protected] for more information.

Our priority is the safety and well-being of our staff and learners and we will do all we can to ensure that learners continue to achieve an outstanding educational learning experience in line with social distancing measures.

Take care and stay safe and have a great summer.

Important – Guidance That Must Be Followed To Ensure You Are Safe Onsite

Please note the conditions outlined below.

These are for your safety and that of others on campus, you MUST make yourself familiar with these and follow them while you are on campus.

  • Do not attend the campus if you have any Covid-19 symptoms (e.g. raised temperature, fever, sore throat, loss of taste, loss of smell etc.)
  • Ensure that you sanitise your hands, as directed, when you arrive at campus, regularly during your time on campus and following the use of toilet and other onsite facilities.
  • Remind yourself of the strict social distancing, put in place to reduce the transmission rate of Coronavirus. From June 1st, the Government's guidance on staying alert and safe means that you must continue to maintain a safe social distance from others which includes staying at least two metres apart from anyone outside of your household.

If you wish to wear a face covering while inside or if you are in an enclosed space then you are welcome to do so. If you do choose to wear a face covering you may be asked to remove it, at a safe distance, to confirm your identify.

For the safety of all, anyone found on College grounds not adhering to social distancing measures or failing to follow reasonable instructions will be asked to leave the site immediately.

Please observe all social distancing and infection control measures, which will be clearly signposted when you arrive. Stay alert for everyone's safety and well-being.

  • All parking management and enforcement is currently suspended so there is no need to register your vehicle or buy a parking ticket on arrival.
  • You will be met on arrival in the car park area by a member of staff, directed accordingly and registered. Parents are respectfully requested to either drop-off and collect or wait in the car park, unless there are any extenuating circumstances – these will need to be raised prior to attending the campus by emailing your requirements to [email protected] so we can plan for this. Please also use this email address if you have support needs that will need catering for on the day.
  • You will only be allowed to remain on site for your allotted time slot and you will need to leave the campus immediately after your session has been completed – you cannot currently stay on site to socialise.
  • There will be no food and drink available onsite.
  • Smoking is currently banned across the whole campus, which includes the car park.
  • If any of the above guidance isn’t followed you will respectfully be asked to leave the campus immediately.

Video Briefing for Current Learners & New Applicants

Overview of Face to Face Session – Current Year 12 Learners

The session will enable us to discuss your welfare and how you have been, TEAMs access, progress with your online work, additional tasks that you may wish to complete over the summer to support you further, to enrol you for the next academic year and also to provide assistance with any queries you may have. You will also receive a short presentation by a curriculum manager regarding your course, outlining the next stage of your programme, what you will be studying and how you can prepare for the new academic year; the whole process will take approximately 90 minutes.

If you have an Educational Health and Care Plan and feel you need support during your 1:1 appointment with your tutor, please contact the Learning Support department on [email protected] and they will make these arrangements for you.

If you have any concerns regarding attending, or cannot make your allocated time, please email [email protected] so that we can make alternative arrangements. We look forward to supporting you again.

Overview of Face to Face Session – New Applicants

The purpose of the session is to discuss how you have been getting on with the ‘Fully Prepared’ work which we sent you, along with guidance about accessing our online learning system TEAMs. During the session you will have the opportunity to raise any concerns that you may have, discuss you support needs and enrol for the new academic year. In addition, there will be a short presentation by a curriculum manager regarding your course, outlining what you will be studying and how you can prepare for the new academic year; the whole process will take approximately 90 minutes.

Please do not worry if you cannot attend your scheduled session, there will be a further opportunity to enrol online over the summer. Details of how to do this will be sent at a later date but we would recommend you attend this session if at all possible so that we can give you the best possible start to your education at SGS College.

We look forward to meeting you, but if you have any questions or concerns, please email [email protected]


We will directly contact all 16 – 18 year old apprenticeships and offer an on line or a campus tutorial. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your progress, work situation and any issues you have experienced with accessing on line learning. It is an opportunity to raise any concerns and we will discuss your welfare and any support that the college can provide. We will also discuss your progress with maths and English, progression plans and planning for the next stage of your career. We will also be able to update you on the guidance we have received for any outstanding technical assessments and plans to complete your apprenticeship within the guidelines.

Where possible, the tutorial will be with your assessor. However, due to social distancing it may be with another member of the delivery team or the programme manager.

Apprentices who are not in this age group can also request an on-line or campus tutorial via their assessor.

Any general enquiries regarding apprenticeships please email [email protected]

Vulnerable / Anxious Learner - Return to Campus Video - SGS WISE

Higher Education

No Higher Education learners are due onsite currently, unless this has been arranged with your tutor.

All course delivery is currently online.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email [email protected]

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