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Parent Aid

SGS Parent AidED is launching on Wednesday 21 October and will provide parents with a series of webinars to help you support your child with their post-16 education at SGS during a time of incredible uncertainty for young people.

As we focus on delivering an outstanding education to your child, SGS Parent AidED will provide you with a series of webinars delivered by College staff to help you as parents understand both our approach to educating your child, but also how you can further assist them to ensure they are getting the most out of their time at SGS.

Support & Guidance Webinars

Support and Guidance

A series of support and guidance webinars are running over the coming weeks to provide information about relevant issues and subjects relating to your child studying at SGS College. Please click on the appropriate session to view the content.

Session 8:
Resitting GCSE English & Maths

Resitting GCSEs and how to pass.

Guidance Programme:

Session 1: Introduction and
SGS Diploma

21st Oct 2020 7:45pm

Welcome to SGS in this new normal and how the College is operating; our blended approach to education in the Autumn term and what we will deliver and supporting your child to access TEAMs.

Session 2: SGS+ and
English & Maths

28th Oct 2020 7:45pm

Understanding the study programme, Maths and English, Enrichment and Work Experience.

Session 3: Blended Learning and Catch Up to Education

4th Nov 2020 7:45pm

Catch up to Education programme.

Session 4: Study Skills and Resources for Learning

11th Nov 2020 7:45pm

Study skills for a blended curriculum.

Session 5: Mental Health & Wellbeing

18th Nov 2020 7:45pm

Togetherall is designed to help people get support, take control, and feel better. It provides 24/7 peer-to-peer and professional support (from experienced clinicians who are always online), plus, a range of courses and tools to help people self-manage their wellbeing. This service is safe, the community is anonymous and free to all learners at SGS.

Session 6: UCAS Applications

25th Nov 2020 7:45pm

An insight into understanding the UK Universities Application System (UCAS).

Session 7: Careers, Accessing Support inc. Apprenticeships

2nd Dec 2020 7:45pm

Careers and accessing careers support including apprenticeships.

Session 8: Resitting GCSE English & Maths

9th Dec 2020 7:45pm

Resitting GCSEs and how to pass.