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Published 5 days ago

SGS College Launches Parent AidED Initiative

SGS College launches Parent AidED initiative to help parents and guardians during this period of uncertainty.

South Gloucestershire and Stroud College (SGS) are launching a new initiative from 21 October aimed at parents, guardians and carers of current learners. The College has branded the resource, Parent AidED, and will provide parents, guardians and carers with a series of weekly 30 minute webinars to help those they support with their post-16 education at SGS during a time of great uncertainty.

The webinars will be delivered by College staff and will offer an understanding of SGS’s approach to educating learners and how parents, guardians and carers can further assist to ensure they are getting the most out of their time at the College. Weekly scheduled topics will include resources for learning, mental health and wellbeing, UCAS applications and motivating learners over the Christmas break, plus much more.

Parental, guardian and carer support along with student welfare are of paramount importance to SGS College and the focus continues to be on delivering an outstanding education, as well as supporting each individual to achieve their full potential.

Sara-Jane Watkins, College Principal comments:

"We recognise that for many young people, most of 2020 has been lived during a period of lockdown followed by greater restrictions on the liberties that we previously all took for granted. We also know that lots of our learners worry about their future as a result of the lasting legacy caused by the pandemic, both on the economy and their employment prospects, as well as on their mental health.

We accept this year is challenging, for parents, carers and guardians and want to ensure these groups are equipped to support our young people studying at the College to feel safe, supported and inspired.

All of the staff at SGS College are here to help as we move through these difficult times.”

Further details on the Parent AidED webinars can be found on website at

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