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Published 1 month ago

SGS to offer FREE Level 2 Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools courses in Bristol and Stroud

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone - some more the others. It has created a level of uncertainty within our community and the Professional and Financial Services team at SGS College wanted to do something to help. Which is why we have made the decision to not only reduce the cost of one of our most popular courses, but to make it completely free.

The Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 2 course, which runs at both our Filton and Stroud campuses and is led by experienced and dedicated tutors, has been an extremely sought-after course for many years. The course gives learners an opportunity to acquire knowledge and build skills which will guide them into a career as a teaching assistant; learners can then put these skills into practise with their school placement. With no prior school experience required, this course is the perfect introduction to becoming a teaching assistant and opens many doors for someone looking to explore a new career path. Once the level 2 is completed, learners can then go on to further develop their skills and knowledge with the level 3.

The sessions on the course are informal and friendly, our learners have expressed how much they enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the sessions and how their tutors support and also the sense of community of the group, made the course very enjoyable and informative. The sessions contain a variety of activities and are very interactive, which makes it a great course for any adult age group, especially for those who have been out of education for any number of years. Previous learners who have completed this course have gone on to find jobs within both primary and secondary schools, a few have even gone on to become teachers themselves.

We hope our decision to provide this course for free will provide people a chance to move forward in these difficult times, and provides an opportunity to take that first step towards a new career path.

This course is available in Bristol and Stroud. Learn more about this course here

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