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Published 2 months ago

SGS Staff Conference Puts Charities at the Forefront

The annual South Gloucestershire and Stroud College staff conference took place on Thursday whereby 500 staff members gathered for a day, to not only enhance development for themselves, but to raise money for charity at the same time.

As part of the College’s ongoing commitment towards equality, diversity and inclusion, the staff conference featured events and development opportunities for all staff to continue their efforts in advancing inclusive teaching and learning, mainstreaming equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace and ultimately celebrating identity, ability and culture.

One key highlight of the day is the fundraising event; The SGS Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Fair. Various organisations and charities joined to showcase the range of initiatives that they have achieved to embed and celebrate the culture of fairness and inclusion. As well as delivering sessions to staff, the charities also had stalls where staff could browse and learn more about the charities work.

Simon Kay, Director of Digital and Professional Development, commented:

“SGS is making a difference and fundraising for these charities. It’s great that these local charities have come to help our staff celebrate and learn about diversity in Bristol. Fabulous day all round!”

Aaron Barnes, Training Lead at The Diversity Trust comments:

"I love uplifting people. A big part of my work is getting people to see EID as an opportunity rather than a problem to be solved. Today has been amazing."

A JustGiving page has been created for each charity. Please donate as much as you can. Every donation transform lives.

SGS College is fundraising for The Big House Theatre Company (justgiving.com)
SGS College is fundraising for Empire Fighting Chance (justgiving.com)

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