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All the information provided below acts only as a guide for students studying a further education (FE) course at SGS College in the academic year 2019/2020. As schemes and guidelines can change throughout the year, you may need to discuss your options directly with the Money Management Service Team to gain the full, correct information you may require. Please be advised that any information you provide us with will be kept confidential in line with GDPR rules and regulations.


'The MMS Team helped students financially with over £2 million worth of funding.'

In the academic year 2020/2021, the Money Management Service Team helped students financially with over £2 million worth of funding from a variety of sources, including bursaries, learner loans and local debt charities.

What We Do

The Money Management Service (MMS) is here to provide you with information, advice and guidance on the financial support that is available while you study a further education course with SGS College.

Our information, advice and guidance has supported over 2000 students each academic year. The team can also work with you one to one to help you take practical steps towards taking control of your money, including setting up realistic budgeting goals and maximising income. To help with this further, we run budgeting classes and events throughout the year.

If you are a HE learner there are still plenty of funding options available for you, these are managed by our HE team and if you require further details please click here.

Before you enrol

Before you enrol, it is important that you are fully aware of the costs involved in studying an FE course at college. You can find information regarding fees within your joining instructions or by speaking to a member of your department, finance or the customer experience team. Please be aware your bursary award will be based on your age as of August 31st 2020.

Remember that it’s not just course fees that you may need to think about, the day-to-day costs of attending college, such as travel, equipment, food and childcare are also important. You can find out about the financial support schemes that may be available to you in the section entitled ‘Funding and Bursary Options’ section below.

Application and Guidance All applications can be found on this web page. If you require applications in a different format or are having difficulty accessing any applications, please contact us on 01453 761 185 / 0117 909 2381 or email [email protected].

Don't be left worrying about the costs of college life. We have a variety of internal and external schemes that may be able to support you to stay in education.

Funding Options Calculator

Why not try our MMS FE Funding Options Calculator? Here you can gain an understanding of the different types of financial support that may be available to you while you study. We have a range of schemes and entitlements that can help with things like course fees, food, books, travel and other day to day college costs.

Try the Calculator

Residency Support Schemes

Please note that SGS do not currently deal directly with Residency Support Schemes. Information regarding support that may be available to you can be found on the website. Link below.

Read more

Advice Agencies and Debt Charities

There are a number of agencies, charities and other types of financial support website that can offer information, advice and guidance on a number of ways to budget and assist with debt. It is always worth checking with the MMS Team to see what internal or external schemes SGS can help with.

MMS Team
Contact Information



MMS Guidance Officer

 Filton, Filton Ave, Filton, Bristol BS34 7AT
[email protected]
0117 909 2381


MMS Manager

 Filton, Filton Ave, Filton, Bristol BS34 7AT
[email protected]
0117 9092312


MMS Team Leader

 Filton, Filton Ave, Filton, Bristol BS34 7AT
[email protected]
0117 9092271



MMS Funding Officer

 Stroud, Stratford Rd, Stroud GL5 4AH
[email protected]
01453 761185

Bursary Appeal Information

If you have applied for one of our internal bursary schemes but wish to appeal the decision of that application, you can do so before June 2021. You can appeal via email at [email protected]

You must provide your full student number, contact details and inform us why you wish to appeal.


How long does it take to process my bursary application?

Depending on when you apply, we will try and write to you within four weeks of receiving your application.

Why haven't I received my bursary payment?

You may not have received your bursary payment if your attendance is below 90%; you can check your attendance on ProPortal. If you believe the attendance record is incorrect, please speak to a member of your department. Alternatively, we could hold incorrect bank details for you; to check this, please visit the team or email [email protected]. Payments are also based on students meeting the College's Behaviour Policy requirements.

Can my bursary be paid to someone else's account?

Yes, if there is a justifiable reason that you are unable to have your own bank account. Otherwise, you will be expected to have a bank account open when you apply for the bursary.

My bank details have changed since I submitted my bursary application. What should I do?

If your bank details change, you must inform us immediately. Failure to do so could cause delays to you receiving your award. Please contact us at [email protected].

I applied for my bursary, but what if I don't start my course?

If you do not start your course, you will not receive any funds from the bursary. You will also receive no help towards any course fees you may be liable for.

How and when will I be paid if I am awarded a bursary?

You will be paid by BACS direct to your bank account, or to a nominated person's bank account. Payment dates can depend. We recommend referring to your payment schedule or contacting us at [email protected] to check your application.

What if I withdraw after applying for a bursary?

If you withdraw from your course, all bursary payments will stop and you may be liable to pay material fees or return some or all of your bursary award.

I applied for my bursary, but what if I change my course?

Please notify us if you change your course; we may need to adjust any course fee awards.

Is there an upper age limit for someone applying for the Advanced Learner Loan?

No, there's no upper age limit.

Can I apply for the Advanced Learner Loan online?

Yes, applying online is quick and easy. You can register and apply online at If you need any help, please contact the MMS Team.

Does getting the Advanced Learner Loan depend on my income or credit history?

No, getting a loan doesn't depend on your income, and credit checks aren't carried out. Repayments are based on your income and won’t begin until your income is over £26,568 a year.

I am not attending college. Will I still get my Welsh EMA?

To get EMA payments, you must have your attendance confirmed by your school or college. This applies to pupils not attending school due to expulsion, suspension, illness or other reasons. The school or college is responsible for this decision. You should contact your school or college with any questions about attendance. You can do this by email at  [email protected] or in person by visiting the team at your campus.

Can I apply for the Advanced Learner Loan after my course has started?

You should apply as early as possible to make sure Student Finance England can pay at the start of your course. However, you can apply for a loan at any time during your course, but not after you have completed it.

When do I get my Welsh EMA payments?

You can start getting EMA payments as soon as you start your course(s), as long as you apply on time, agree to and sign the EMA Agreement with the MMS Team and meet the attendance requirements.

Can't find your answer? Get in touch at [email protected].

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