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We will provide daily updates to this page in relation to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the affects of College wide services. Please make sure you check this page regularly to keep up to date with the latest evolving developments.

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We encourage all parents, students, partners and staff to check here regularly for the all the latest information/advice and guidance regarding the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.

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SupportPosted: Sunday 22nd March 2020, 4.30pm

Dear learners, carers and parents

Tomorrow is the start of another college week and whilst we are closed for face to face delivery, I wanted you all to know that we are still here working remotely to support you all however we can. We recognise that the current situation may be causing anxieties and wherever possible we will do all we can to support you or advise you as best we can.

If you are a current learner with the College, tutors should already be in contact with you to support you with the continuation of your studies using distance and online learning. We are starting to get guidance from Government that assessment will be made based on predicted grades. It is important that learners continue to complete their set work as this may support further your predicted grades and outcomes.

If you are concerned and wish to talk through your anxieties or need to contact us for financial assistance, counselling or food vouchers then please also email as outlined at the end of this message.

For learners applying or wishing to progress with us next academic year, your place is confirmed and you should be receiving confirmation shortly so that this is one less thing for you to worry about.

Please continue to isolate. Covid 19 is a horrid disease and we do not wish for any of you to suffer.

We are here to help and support. Please email [email protected] and we will do all we can for you.

Take care

Sara-Jane Watkins
College Principal

Urgent EHCP/vulnerable learners and children of key workers: COVID-19Posted: Thursday 19th March 2020, 11.09am

Dear Parents and Carers

The Prime Minister and Education Secretary have announced that all colleges will close for most students after Friday 20th March until further notice.

The Education Secretary recognises the vital civic role that colleges play with a request to continue to help key workers to stay in work and also to support vulnerable students, including over the Easter period.

We are currently planning to establish demand for emergency care and we would therefore request parents/carers complete the following survey to understand the demand for emergency care from Monday 23rd March and for the foreseeable future.

We are looking at offering provision, akin to holiday clubs, at both the Stroud and Filton campuses from 9am-3pm from Monday 23rd, subject to demand.

We will only be able to provide support for learners that have booked and request you complete the following survey by 2pm on Friday 20th March.

Complete survey

As always, I thank you for your support during this challenging period.

Sara-Jane Watkins
College Principal

PLEASE READPosted: Wednesday 18th March 2020, 3pm

Dear learners, parents and carers

We appreciate that the last few days and weeks have been an incredibly difficult time as we continue to provide learning and support to many whilst trying to deal with the anxieties and concerns that we all have, both for ourselves, our loved ones and those we study alongside and come into contact with on a daily basis. You have all been outstanding and we cannot thank you for all you have continued to do in this situation.

Over the course of this week, many learners made the decision to work /study from home and learner attendance has dropped considerably. As a result, we are in a situation where we can no longer sustain the minimum levels of staff to student ratios required to provide the support needed.

We have therefore made the decision that by Monday 23rd March until Friday 3rd April, all learning in the College for all levels of provision will move to a remote and blended delivery solution and we know many curriculum areas have already been trialling this over the course of the last few weeks. Your tutors will be in touch with you to discuss how this will work for you.

During the course of the next two and a half weeks, there are still a small number of exams scheduled and these are national examinations that have not yet been cancelled. We are currently trying to accommodate these as planned and you will be contacted directly by your tutor or a member of staff from the College if these are cancelled.

From Monday 23rd March until Monday 20th April, all College campuses will be closed to learners and visitors and all sites will be deep cleaned during this period.

We have also made the decision that our open day scheduled for 23rd April has been cancelled and we are provisionally hoping that we will use Saturday 6th June, which was scheduled as a higher education open event, as our next recruitment event.

Our hope is that we may be able to return to normal operations soon after the Easter break but obviously this is an unprecedented situation and we are taking every day as it comes.

On behalf of all of the staff at the College, stay well and we hope to see you all back soon.

Sara-Jane Watkins
SGS College Principal

SGS College Remains Open Posted: Tuesday 17th March, 6:11pm

I would like to thank you for your continued support during this trying situation. I can confirm that we shall stay open as a college in accordance with government guidance, with staff and students attending in person wherever possible, for as long as we can and in the best way we can. All staff and learners are being fantastic and I thank you all for your support in this.

The College will continue to open for full-time learners however all of our campuses, apart from our WISE Campus, will shut daily from 5pm from tomorrow. All part-time and Community programmes are suspended from 9am on Wednesday 18th March.

We are continuing to support apprentices through distance learning, but work based visits and college classes for apprentices are suspended.

In addition, we have also made the decision that with immediate effect, all of our hair and beauty salons will now close and this position will be reviewed after Easter.

We anticipate that college closures will eventually happen and we have arrangements for the continued payment of bursaries, Free College Meals and childcare costs and this have been organised remotely via MMS and Finance. This will be paid directly into a learner’s bank account. MMS are communicating this message to learners via text and various other communication channels over the coming days. For information, the next bursary payment run is set for 6 April.

Sadly, it is also with great regret that I have had to make the decision to postpone the RAG fortnight which was due to start next Monday and the many fantastic activities that staff and learners have pulled together. I fully appreciate the impact this will have, but based on current guidance and risk, I feel we have no choice. Time permitting, I am happy to look at these being re-arranged, but assessment of the viability of this won’t be made until I fully understand any potential close down of the College sector. In the meantime, it would be great if we could all still donate to this worthwhile cause via the Just Giving page below so we can at least go some way to raising the funds we aimed for: SGS College for Amelia's dream to walk - Please donate

As always, thank you for your ongoing professionalism, support and consideration.

Sara-Jane Watkins
SGS College Principal

SGS College Remains Open Posted: Monday 16th March, 6:38pm

The Prime Minister has now moved to a position of hosting a daily press conference to explain the Government's actions to mitigate the spread and the impact of Covid-19. As a result of today's briefing there are a number of changes that we need to update you on.

Whilst not ruling this out at a later date, the current situation is that all education settings are to remain open unless advised otherwise. This is correct for all SGS college sites currently.

The additional measures announced tonight are as follows:

  1. If you or any member of your family experience a high temperature or a new and continuous cough, then you and your household are required to self-isolate for 14 days.
  2. This needs to be recorded on our register system so you must contact the College on a daily basis to confirm your absence. Tutors will record 'Not Expected' on the register and record the reason on ProMonitor against your learner record.
  3. All non-essential travel will need to cease, which includes all learner trips / visits.
  4. For those learners in the most vulnerable categories including those who are over 70, or who are pregnant and also those with a serious underlying health condition, then you must also stop all non-essential contact.
  5. In addition, social distancing will be encouraged and therefore it is with regret that all theatre shows will be postponed.
  6. The AoC Sport have also postponed all sports fixtures until after Easter, and therefore all academy fixtures and sports events will cease at all sites until next term.

As a college, our aim is to support all stakeholders through what is an incredibly challenging and worrying time.

We are continuing to plan extensively for a potential shut-down period, especially as more staff and learners self-isolate, but we are working hard to mitigate against issues with exams and other study related issues.

This continues to be a very concerning and evolving situation, and we will continue to keep you updated daily.

As always, thank you for your continued understanding and support during this unprecedented situation.

Sara-Jane Watkins
SGS College Principal

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SGS College is a global community, welcoming staff, students and visitors from around the world. We value our inclusive, diverse community.

We take all allegations of bullying, harassment and discrimination seriously and encourage anyone experiencing or witnessing inappropriate behaviour to report it to the College or to the police in person or by phone. If you need support, please contact the student wellbeing or staff support services.

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NHS information: coronavirus (COVID-19)

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