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Frequently Asked Questions and answers to help you during the Covid 19 outbreak.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be offered a place for September 2020?

All 16 to 18-year olds who have applied for a course at SGS College to start in September 2020 will be offered a place in order to ease any concerns that you may have.

Will my place be “Conditional” as GCSE Exams have been cancelled this summer?

All 16 to 18-year old Applicants will be provided with an “unconditional offer”. This is to recognise the exceptional circumstances we find ourselves in and that Applicants will not be sitting exams this summer. We want to reduce any anxieties that you may currently have. We also want to ensure you continue with your studies with your current learning provider until the end of the year so that you are at the right position to commence the new academic year and are not behind in any of your learning or knowledge.

What will happen in the new Academic Year?

All 16 to 18-year old applicants will receive Joining Instructions detailing which date their enrolment will be. We will be posting joining instructions at the beginning of August. This could be the last week in August or the first week in September.

Will I have to complete an Assessment?

The curriculum teams here at SGS College are developing activities that applicants can complete prior to their enrolment. It is important that you complete these as it will allow for accurate assessment of your skills and facilitate you joining an appropriate and relevant course and ensure your learning style is catered for when you join the College.

I have applied for 2 courses – which one will I be accepted for?

You will receive an Unconditional Offer for your first choice. Should you change your mind between now and starting – we can assist you with swapping your choice during Enrolment. Please don’t let this be a worry. Our admissions team are open and can support you. Please email [email protected]

Should I keep completing activities set for me by school?

Yes, definitely. The tasks set by school will help your teachers provide you with an overall grade for each of your Subjects. Work you complete now could have the ability to impact the grade awarded for a subject.

Arrangements for cancelled examinations

  • All leaners will be given an opportunity to sit their GCSEs and A Levels early in the Autumn term (although the exact subjects and timing is still to be confirmed) and again in the main Summer 2021 exam series.
  • Teachers will be asked to submit their judgement about what grade each student would have achieved had they sat the exams this summer.
  • Teachers will take into account a range of evidence and data including performance on mock exams and non-exam assessment.
  • This information will be combined with other relevant data, including prior attainment, and use this information to produce a calculated grade for each student.
  • The grades will be indistinguishable from those provided in other years on their certificates.
  • Grades will be issued in July.
  • Students will have a right of appeal on these calculated grades.
  • Where students have completed internal assessment for BTEC and other vocational qualifications we should use that evidence to award grades.