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Student Support

Information, Advice & Guidance

We want you to enjoy your time at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College, and to fulfill your true potential. To help you do this, we offer a wide range of support from course tutors, education & well being mentors and the College Counsellors. Support is always here, if and when you need it.

SGS Wellbeing Service

Who we are:

SGS Wellbeing Service are a team of specialist individuals who can help support you to achieve your potential. The team includes:

  • Education & Wellbeing Mentors
  • Counsellors
  • Safeguarding Officers

Where we are:

  • Berkeley, Room 001
  • Filton, Room CG24
  • Stroud, Room 228
  • WISE, Room G32
  • Email us:

Opening times:

  • Monday – Thursday, 08:30 – 17:00
  • Friday, 08:30 – 16:30

Education & Wellbeing Mentors

Each curriculum department at the College has its own Education & Wellbeing Mentors who can offer you:

  • Confidential, objective information, advice and guidance
  • Strategies and support to help you manage practically and emotionally
  • Mediation and advocacy, helping you to communicate and resolve any conflicts
  • Refer or sign post you to other services



The College offers a free confidential counselling service. You can refer by speaking to your SGS Education & Wellbeing Mentor or email:

Prayer Room & Reflective Space

We offer a prayer room & reflective space on each of our campuses. Everyone is welcome, from all faiths and none. For more information email:

Young Carers

Who are young adult carers?

  • Anyone between the age of 14 - 25 whose life is in some way restricted because of the need to take responsibility for the care of someone who is ill, has a physical or sensory impairment, mental ill health, drug/alcohol misuse or domestic violence.
  • A young person who looks after may be a parent, grandparent, a brother, sister or maybe even a neighbour.
  • A young person who has to do more shopping, cooking, clearing up, or looking after younger brothers or sisters in the absence of a guardian.
  • Young carers may have more responsibilities than their friends – sometimes a lot more.

How does caring impact upon a young person’s life?

Being a young carer can have many positive effects such as:

  • Greater sensitivity to others
  • Enhanced living skills
  • Strong family bonds

However, if young carers aren’t given proper support there can be some serious impacts:

  • Impaired education, social, emotional and physical development
  • Incomplete education
  • Poor social skills
  • Permanent physical injuries (e.g. back injuries from lifting)

What can SGS College offer young adult carers?

  • A designated member of staff with special responsibility for young carers and lets all new students know who they are and what they can do to help.
  • Can put young carers in touch with the local Young Carers Service. We can also put families in touch with other support services.
  • Is accessible to parents who have mobility and communication difficulties and involves them in parents’ evenings.
  • Respects your right to privacy and will only share information about you and your family with people who need to know to help you.
  • Will consider alternatives if a young carer is unable to attend college due to their caring role.
  • Allows young carers to telephone home during breaks and lunchtimes.

Who to speak to:


Pez Perrin

(Inclusion Manager & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)
Room G32 (WISE Campus)
07903 894527


Jo Johnson
(Deputy Head of Learner Services)
Room 228
01453 761119

View our Young Carers Policy

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