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We want to make sure your time outside lessons is interesting, informative and fun

Life at SGS isn't just about studying

We have a thriving enrichment programme that offers extra activities, trips and events including; theme park trips, charity events, volunteering, awareness weeks, freshers’ events and barbecues.

Throughout the year there are a wide range of timetabled activities giving you the chance to meet learners from across the College and learn new skills, helping you to get more out of your time at SGS, and equip you for success in the future.

Sport forms a big part of our enrichment programme, and our students can benefit from SGS Active, which offers free sports activities and competition at all campus’. For more information go to the SGS Active page

Get involved

We’re always keen to try new things, so if you have an idea for an event or activity, let us know and we will accommodate as many requests as possible. Pop in to the Student Union office at your campus for more details.

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