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Engineering courses at SGS Stroud are designed to give you a solid foundation in engineering, the chance to specialise in your chosen field, and a stepping stone to the career of your choice.

Our courses give students the opportunity to define and apply concepts and principles in electrical and mechanical sciences, to produce engineering drawings, and to work safely in our electronic laboratories and workshops, with their brand new, state-of-the-art facilities. These include computer aided design (CAD) with computed numerically controlled (CNC) links, robotics equipment, and a rapid prototyper.

Our experienced lecturers have worked extensively within the engineering industry, and courses are developed and delivered in partnership with local employers.

After completing their course, students progress to higher level CAD qualifications, apprenticeships, national diplomas or higher education.

Rise of the Engineer

From Brunel's Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Bloodhound SSC supersonic car to the QEC Aircraft Carrier and design of the London 2012 Olympic Park, the West of England is renowned for engineering. So why does the sector's success, economic impact and outstanding career potential still remain a mystery?

The Rise of the Engineer is a series of six factsheets that highlights our local successes, delves into the industry and explains the exciting opportunities of this fast-developing, fast-growing, fast-moving industry.

With engineering, you can follow your interests – If mobile phones are your thing, you can work as a programmer, improving the performance of apps and services. If you want to improve people's lives, you can work developing artificial limbs. Or if air and space inspire your creativity, you can design the next generation of aircraft. Engineers are employed in many different settings – in offices, laboratories, recording studios, hospitals, underground and at sea. The sheer variety of an engineering career is the most exciting thing about it.

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Stroud Festival of Manufacturing and Engineering

If you're considering studying engineering at SGS College, do you realise that you'd be joining a long line of inventive people who have made Stroud district a powerhouse of UK manufacturing and engineering for hundreds of years? Countless innovations, many of which still have relevance today, have flowed out of the area's mills and industrial estates: a flameproof material that saved Niki Lada's life and is now used in protective suits worn by racing car drivers, the lawnmower, the adjustable spanner, the electrostatic resistant coating on Arianne space rocket's nose cone, and the world's first 3D printed metal bicycle frame. Just a few examples of the countless innovations developed here and which ensure we continue to be a leading force in innovation.

Festomane is an annual celebration of the current vibrancy, the impressive heritage and the plentiful career opportunities offered by the manufacturing and engineering sector in Stroud's valleys and vale. Through its week-long festival and website, Festomane helps young people plan an exciting and rewarding career in this industry and opens people's eyes to the impact the sector has on our everyday life.

The festival's 'Engineer Your Future' workshop explores the fascinating variety of careers on offer in engineering and technology with presentations by key companies such as Renishaw, Delphi Diesel Systems, Muller, and Schlumberger plus SGS College and the University of West of England.

The day-long 'Creation and Innovation Revealed' public expo showcases many of the current M&E companies operating from the district. If you're seeking more guidance about what these businesses are looking for in new employees or how best to approach them, what better way than by talking to them face-to-face at this exhibition?

If you're unclear about what's the best route for you into an engineering career, the Festomane website outlines some of the main options available: where to find apprenticeships, training opportunities and further qualifications, plus links to websites that'll guide you through the decision-making process.

Festomane's next festival takes place between 9th – 15th February 2017 and Marty Joplin, resident scientist on BBC 1's The One Show, will be performing his science show during the public expo on the 15th. For more details, plus information about developing your engineering career, visit

Festomane 2016 (Video)