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About the group

SGS Group

SGS College operates a group structure which includes the College plus two subsidiary companies.

1. SGS Commercial Services Limited

SGS Commercial Services Limited has been established to hold a commercial lease of the former Berkeley Laboratories and act as the property holding company on behalf of the College.

2. SGS Group Services Limited

SGS Group Services Limited, our second subsidiary company, was founded to develop a range of services which can be shared with other education institutions to provide an economy of scale.

3. SGS (Multi) Academy Trust

The SGS College also sponsor the SGS (multi) Academy Trust. This Trust was set up to work with local schools academically and corporately, ensuring the schools are supported to improve from a quality perspective, and also that the schools in the Trust benefit from the specialists within the SGS Group as well as the economies of scales which can be leveraged when working within a larger family of organisations.

SGS Academy Trust Brochure

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By joining the SGS Academy Trust, a school can expect to share best practice amongst other schools working within the Trust and contribute to the development of the Trust as new schools join the Trust over time.

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Outstanding Leadership and Management

From our most recent Ofsted inspection in 2014 we have been rated 'Outstanding' in this area. View our latest Ofsted report here

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