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Student films inspired by William Shakespeare hit the big screen

Audiences in Stroud this February will be spoiled for choice as Shakespeare's classics are re-imagined for the silver screen by students of Five Valleys Productions at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College.

‘Be Not Afraid of Greatness’ is a collection of short films that take inspiration from the stories of William Shakespeare; Macbeth, Othello, Sonnet 73 and The Taming of the Shrew, but each with their own unique twist.

Conceived, produced and edited by the students, the films will premiere at the VUE cinema, Stroud on February 8th 2017. Following the premiere the films will be available for free on YouTube on February 10th 2017. The premiere will include a Behind the Scenes look at how the films were made and a Q & A with the cast and crew.

Five Valleys Productions (5VP) is a vocational, industry-based training production company based at SGS College, Stroud. The Performance for Stage & Screen course is accredited by University of the Arts, London and gives students the opportunity to gain an FE Diploma whilst experiencing the demands and expectations of the Performing Arts industry.

"You are not crushed to fit into a mould but encouraged to be yourself and be creative in your own way and embrace your individuality," says student Jasmine Sweetland. "In 5VP you learn from each other; teaching and sharing skills to expand one another's knowledge. This makes us a close community, allowing people to work together as a team to create work to be proud of."

Alan Mandel Butler, Artistic Director and course leader, says, "Shakespeare’s stories are the most enduring, exciting and unforgettable ever written. Adapting them for the screen is no mean feat but I am thrilled to be able to share what these four first time female directors have accomplished."