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How to Apply Online

Online Application and Registration Process Full-time Courses

Here are the necessary steps to take when applying for any ‘Fulltime’ course at SGS College

Please view our range of full-time courses on offer across all our Campuses by visiting the courses section of our website and using our course filter:

View Courses
  1. Once you have found your chosen course of study, scroll to the bottom of the page to the apply section and click on the ‘Apply’ button.
    1. Within this section check and select which Campus you would like to study at, as the course maybe available at multiple Campuses.
    2. Once the apply button is clicked, this will open a new application window.

  1. Now the application window is open please check and make sure the course showing is correct before continuing. If the Course is correct, click the ‘Confirm to Basket’ button.
    1. As you will see, this will add your chosen course to the ‘Selection Summary’ box.
  2. To enable us to process your application we need you to register your details. You only have to register once. Please click the ‘Register’ button within the ‘Selection Summary’ box.

  1. Next, please fill out all required fields within the form accurately and check each field before clicking the ‘Proceed’ button to continue.

  1. If all fields have been filled in correctly, click the ‘Proceed’ button. Your account is now automatically setup and you become automatically logged in ready to complete your Application.
    1. You will also be re-directed back to your application selection.
  2. Please continue with your application by clicking the ‘Next Stage’ button within the ‘Selection Summary’ box.

  1. The next stage is to confirm your course selection. Please check the course is correct before continuing. If the course is correct and you are happy to continue please click the ‘Next Stage’ button.

  1. The next stage will ask you for your personal details and any missing information about yourself. Please fill in all required fields and any additional fields as accurately as possible. Once all fields have been filled in correctly please proceed to the next stage by clicking the 'Next Stage' button at the bottom of the form.

  1. At the next stage we will ask how you found out about the course you are applying for. Please use drop down menu and select the most appropriate option.

  1. In the following stage please enter your qualification history or expected grades.

  1. Once you have successfully added all of your current or expected grades, please proceed to the final summary stage.
  2. Please check the summary page and make sure all information you have provided is correct before proceeding with your application.

  1. Once you have checked your information and you are happy to proceed, please tick the ‘I agree’ box and click proceed.
  2. Now you have successfully completed your online application you will receive a confirmation letter in the post, followed up by a telephone call from a member of our Enrolment Team.

If for any reason during the application process you are presented with any errors or technical issues, please provide any information or screen shots and send to so a member of our team can assist you with your application.