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Full Time Joining Instructions

Additional information for the start and continuation of your studies at SGS College

First day at College

Since receiving an offer of a place at the College please click the link below to see when your first day will be:

First Day Of College


Joining documentation

Animal Care and Management

Childcare and Education

Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy and Make-Up Artistry


Hair and Beauty (Combined Level 1)



Level 3 Beauty/Complementary Therapies

Hair, Media & Make up - Level 2

Fashion, Theatre, Hair & Make up studies - Level 3

Health and Social Care

Sport and Public Services

What You Need To Bring

Please ensure you bring with you:

  • All your exam results slips / certificates whatever grades received. These are VERY IMPORTANT, as we need your results in order to enrol you onto your course. You WILL NOT be able to enrol if this is not provided.
  • Study programme fees - please see your joining instruction letter for details on what is payable. Fees must be paid on your first day of College during pre-induction.
  • Payment can be made by cheque (made payable to South Gloucestershire & Stroud College), credit/debit card or cash.
  • Proof of any benefits you are in receipt of will need to be provided so we can assess if you are eligible for a reduction of fees in part or full - this is important if you are aged 19 or over and wish to claim fee remission.
  • If applicable, a copy of your bursary award letter, if you have received this.
  • A pen, pencil, paper, A4 folder & plastic wallets
  • Any other information that your chosen area of study
  • have asked you to bring.

*Payment options are available if you cannot pay the full amount on the day. **Please note that you will still be liable for the fees outlined even if you have applied for a bursary or loan.

I Didn't Get The GCSE Results Required For My Course

If you didn't get your expected grades – please do not panic! On GCSE results day we will have members of teaching staff and our careers team available who can discuss your options with you.

We will text all applicants on GCSE results day on 25th August 2016 with the relevant number to contact for your chosen study programme.

Fees and Payment Methods

Payment of fees: Fees must be paid, or an arrangement to pay made on your first day at College during your pre-course induction.

What method of payment can be made?

We accept payment by cheque (made payable to South Gloucestershire & Stroud College), credit / debit card or cash.

We also accept payment of fees by instalments. This must be made by Direct Debit. Payments are taken on either the 10th or 25th of each month for a maximum of 6 monthly payments. Please note there is a £15 administration charge for this service. This fee along with a payment of 10% of your fee must be paid at enrolment. To complete the Direct Debit form in advance, ready for bringing to your pre-enrolment day, please use the link below:

SGS College Direct Debit Mandate


By attending your induction and subsequently attending your course, you enter into an agreement with South Gloucestershire & Stroud College that all fees due will be paid.

Please note that you, or your parents/guardians, if you are under 18, will be liable for any unpaid fees should you withdraw from or fail to start the course for any reason.

A refund is only given if the College cancels the course.

Refunds are NOT given if you leave the course after you have enrolled or fail to start the course.

Your fees explained as detailed in your joining instruction letter:

Materials Fees: payable by ALL students, except those in receipt of qualifying benefits or who are applying for a fee waiver. This fee covers materials used as part of your course and equipment usage costs, especially where specialist equipment is used.

Tuition Fees: only payable by students aged 19 years and over on 31st August 2016 who are enrolling in their first year. Students who are enrolling for their second year or topping up and who were under 19 last year, do not pay this fee – please contact us if you are unsure.

Exam Fee: only payable by students aged 19 years and over on 31st August 2016, except those who are applying for a fee waiver or are in their second year and were under 19 last year. This is the actual cost of registering your qualification with the Exam Board/Awarding Body. Please also see our Exam re-sit policy below.

Optional Trip Fee – payable by all full-time learners if opting to attend departmental trips

Advanced Learner Loans: If you are aged 19 and above and studying a Level 3 (or above) qualification, the fee payable is shown in your joining instruction letter.

Additionally, you can e-mail the College at

Exams & Exam Re-sits

If you fail to attend your exam or do not give the Exams Department at least 48 hours' notice that you are unable to attend, this will be recorded as a "No Show". Re-sit fees may be charged when you re-sit your exam. The Exams team will confirm any costs when you re-register.

How Do I Apply For Financial Support?

The Student Finance & accommodation team may be able to help with your finances while studying at College. Help may be available for travel, materials fees, residential support or childcare. Funds are limited and not all students who apply will receive a bursary. Please note household income should be below £22,000 to apply for a bursary/childcare funding. Also awards are based on radius to the college and attendance/behaviour thought out the year.

Application forms are available from:

or visit one of our Learner Services Offices at Filton, WISE, Stroud or Queens Road Campuses.

Due to the high demand for support we recommend that all financial support application forms are completed and returned to South Gloucestershire and Stroud College no later than 12th August 2016.

Please note financial support from the student finance team rarely covers all fees. You are highly likely to still have fees left to pay if awarded a bursary. Please refer to the "what you need to bring" section regarding outstanding fees

SGS College Holiday & Term Dates 2016/17

Term time absence
The College does not support learners taking holiday in term time and will record it as unauthorised absence against your attendance rate. We believe full attendance supports a learner to achieve their full potential.

Please make sure if you are absent from college for any reason you report it using our online form. Alternatively call 0800 470 1516.

View College Term Dates

Codes of Conduct

Education, Health and Care Plan

If you need a high level of support for special educational needs or a disability, SGS College will not be able to provide it unless your local authority requests and pays for it. They will normally make a decision about this as part of your Education, Health and Care plan. It is still important that you tell us about your needs so that we can check with them about your funding. If we do not get the agreement of the local authority, we may not be able to provide you with the support that you need.

Free Breakfasts

The College provides students with a free breakfast at our Filton, WISE and Stroud sites. This includes cereals, toast and fruit juices.

Free breakfasts are served between 7.30 am 8.30 am ONLY and students must display their ID card and lanyard to receive them.

Taster or Factor Days

If you could not attend your "Taster or Factor Day" – please don't worry. The activities you would have undertaken will be covered during your induction. Please note that some Taster Days will run at the end of August so if you receive a letter inviting you to the College, please attend.

Probation Period & Progression

South Gloucestershire and Stroud College runs a probation system and all learners are classed as being on probation during the first six weeks of their course. During this period, you will be assessed based on attendance, attitude, punctuality, aptitude and performance and this will be clearly stated within your course handbook which is issued to all learners at the start of their course. In addition, to pass your probationary period you will need to have either paid for your course in full or arranged a bursary or instalment plan.

Within your course handbook, it also states what you need to do in order to progress to the next level of your programme. This will be based on end of course achievement, attendance, attitude and disciplinary record.

Learner ID Badges

You will be provided with a valid ID card and lanyard when you enrol. It is important that you wear this at all times whilst on College premises. The only exception to this would be for Health & Safety reasons where wearing the ID badge could result in an injury i.e whilst in the Construction Workshops; your tutor will advise you.

Regular spot checks will be made and any learner who is not wearing their ID will be requested to purchase a replacement at a cost of £3.00. These will be available from our Enrolment Centre's at the Filton and Stroud Campuses and also the main reception at the WISE or Queens Road Campuses.

The safety of all our learners is paramount to the College ethos and the wearing of ID cards and lanyards is our only mechanism of knowing who should and, more importantly, who should not be on site. We have many learners who come into College and see this as their only safe haven and we must be able to continue to ensure that they always view it as such.

Failure to comply with regard to wearing a valid ID may result in you being sent home

What Should I Do If I Am Unable To Attend College?

If you are unable to attend College due to sickness or another issue, please contact the College by either:

  • Using the SGS College website and clicking the Absence Line Button at the base of the Home page or visit:
  • Emailing
  • Calling our Learner Absence Line on 0800 470 1516 (this line is manned from 8.30am to 9.30am) Outside of these hours or if the line is busy, a voicemail service is in operation. Messages will be actioned regularly

It is important that you report your absence in order that it can be formally logged with your tutor.

SGS College - Photography / Videoing of Learners

On occasion SGS College will take photographs / videos of learners to positively showcase the skills they are learning and highlight academic achievements; these will potentially be posted on our official social media channels and in College promotional materials.

If you do not wish for your son or daughter to be photographed / videoed during the academic year, please click the link below to submit your son or daughter's student details and opt out.

Publicity Opt Out

Please note we never distribute or sell any photograph / video to a third-party or to make a profit.