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SGS College NEW Full-time Course Guide for 2018

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Course Level Start Date Duration Campus
Art History
All levels 18/04/2018 5 weeks
Beginners Pattern Cutting & Construction with Mike Griffin
All levels 12/04/2018 6 weeks
Ceramics with Liz Hammond
All levels 11/04/2018 6 weeks
Ceramics with Ollie Kent
All levels 09/04/2018 6 weeks
Ceramics with Steve Carter
All levels 12/04/2018 6 weeks
Printmaking Techniques with Rachel Toon
All levels 12/04/2018 6 weeks
Sculpture with Barbara Ash
All levels 12/04/2018 6 weeks
Life Drawing with Penny Simons
All Levels 12/04/2018 6 weeks