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Concorde Partnership – PGCE Course 16-17

Concorde Partnership PGCE School Direct Training to Teach

Accredited by the University of the West of England

Secondary Training 2016-17

  • Design and Technology
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Biology

Primary Training 2016-17

Why train with us?

We are able to provide a unique learning experience, which will provide diverse opportunities through school-based training, whilst also offering links to the expertise of the University of the West of England for aspects of the core teacher training programme. There will be opportunities to learn with other trainees via the Cabot Learning Federation, which is a large provider of School Direct training for other subjects in the local area.

The Concorde Partnership is geographically the closest group of providers of secondary education to the University of the West of England. This enables trainees to benefit from the learning facilities at the university, whilst having ease of access to the teaching facilities in the schools and college.

The Concorde Partnership is based on shared 14-19 education between 5 local institutions with a common vision and approach. There is diversity in the providers and the courses they offer. For the Primary training we are also working with 4 different schools in order to provide a range of settings.

The tutors for the PGCE secondary programmes will be based at Abbeywood Community School, Bradley Stoke Community School, Bristol Technology and Engineering Academy and Patchway Community School where they teach for most of the week. The tutors for the PGCE Primary programme will be based at Bradley Stoke Community School, Charborough Road Primary School, Meadowbrook Primary School, Academy of Trinity Primary School and Dundry C of E Primary School.

These tutors are expert practitioners who will support trainees in becoming members of the different teaching teams in the secondary and primary schools during the year. The tutors have extensive experience in supporting PGCE students and some have had direct experience of leading PGCE programmes e.g. Design Technology and Computer Science, primary PGCE and GTP programmes, alongside local universities, including UWE.

The programme will offer exposure to a number of different settings, with placements in two of them, in addition to training time at UWE and with the cohort of trainees at the Cabot Learning Federation.

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