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World’s biggest drawing event is back

October will see the world’s biggest drawing event take place with Stroud at the heart of the festival. The Big Draw 2014 will take place over 20 countries with more than 280,000 people expected to take part, in over 1000 events. 

South Gloucestershire and Stroud College has joined forces with the Museum in the Park to organise The Big Draw, a festival of art, which is open to all ages and all expertise levels. Running throughout October with the all-day event taking place on Saturday 11th October from 11am-4pm, the Museum in the Park at Stratford Court will be the highlight of the weekend. 

The idea is to inspire everyone to have a go at drawing and to build a creative relationship with the local community.  During this festival of drawing, hundreds of new and enjoyable drawing activities connect people of all ages with museums, outdoor spaces, artists and each other. This event is for those who love to draw, and those who think they can't.

This year’s theme is ‘It’s Our World’ which is a celebration of our environment. Participants are encouraged to come and help create a collection of fabulous postcards celebrating the museum, and to draw a favourite object; imagining secrets and stories. 
In 2013, some fabulous work was produced which was highlighted on the SGS Stroud Facebook page, with drawings exploring the Future.

This year, the masterpieces created will be considered with a view to refreshing the artwork on display at Stroud Hospital’s outpatient’s ward which was produced by last year’s students and high commended by both staff and patients.

Amanda Lowery, Head of Department for the art school, comments: “The annual Big Draw event at the Museum in the Park highlights the strong partnership between SGS Art School in Stroud and The Museum in the Park. It is an exciting creative opportunity to engage with drawing, focusing on Stroud and its future; open to all the local community, facilitated by students and staff from SGS.”