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Student Pop-Up Shop Selling Artwork this Weekend Only

A group of talented art students are set to open a pop-up shop selling unique print items.

The students from South Gloucestershire and Stroud (SGS) College have chosen to produce on anything from cloth to wood, creating products from wearable textiles to interiors pieces.  Each item will be unique with profits going towards paying for subsequent projects and enrichment opportunities.

Opening on Goodwill eventing at SVA, John Street in Stroud from Friday 5 December, 1:00pm and will close its doors Saturday 6 December, 5:00pm. The shop will be completely manned by the learners enabling the students to learn about employability but also giving them the opportunity to sell their work like professional artists and designers.

Nearly 100 learners have been involved in the project from four different courses. Kayleigh Ross, Tutor, comments: “Tutors have been working hard to finalise plans for the pop up shop and to support the creative process of making. The students are excited, although some of them aren’t quite sure what to expect. This is the third time we have run the shop with a third cohort of students, and the more money we raise will help towards future projects and hardship support. Students have developed unique concepts and print designs, and the work that is beginning to be produced for the store is extremely exciting. A great opportunity to purchase unique Christmas presents for loved ones!”