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Philippine charity hit by devastation

Charity the Philippine Christian Foundation (PCF) was hit with devastation at the end of last week with a fire that has taken out over 400 children’s homes.

The ferocious fire blazed through the dumpsite for two and a half hours causing devastation for over 350 families after an oil lamp was accidentally thrown during a family argument.

One five year old child burnt to death trapped in her home and another five year old child is missing.  200 homes were burnt to the ground with all personal possessions lost. The charity has opened up their community health clinic on the dumpsite as a small evacuation centre for the fire victims but many families still in deep shock have chosen to stay on the site of their burnt homes living under tarpaulin so they can secure the space where their home was.

The PCF is South Gloucestershire and Stroud College’s chosen charity and staff and students worked tirelessly last year raising money to enable 13 students and 3 staff members to fly out during two weeks in June to give their assistance by helping to restore the school and offering their services where needed. Located across the road from the fire, the school was thankfully not affected.

Jason Farrier, SGS Tutor comments: “Having only just come back recently from the Philippines after a very successful trip where we made many new friends at PCF school in Tondo, I was really saddened to hear the news. After getting to know most of the families out there I know just how much they must be suffering now.

Therefore with a heavy heart I am appealing to all of our kind supporters of the SGS Philippines project to give immediate financial help to aid the rebuilding of the families homes affected by the fire. The charity desperately needs donations to build basic shelters, purchase charcoal stoves, bed rolls and bedding, food parcels and medical supplies.  Any donation will help, no matter how small.”

If you would like to contribute please send donations to the SGS Stroud Campus Finance Department or via the PCF’s website at