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New gym heightens learning

Students at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College have the opportunity to take advantage of a new gym located on the Stroud Campus which was opened to learners and staff last month.

Equipped with the latest cardiovascular and free weights, such as suat racks and spin bikes, the gym will be a great enhancement to the sporting academies that have commenced their second year at the campus. It will also be used for teaching various programmes including sport, public services and the new fitness instruction course. Outside of teaching times both staff and students can use the facilities at no cost.

Laura Kinchella, Sports Coordinator commented:  “The gym is a fantastic addition to the Stroud Campus, and will aid the sports and public services courses in their practical elements. This will also enable our growing sports academies to complete strength and conditioning sessions as part of their programme. I hope many staff and students outside of sports and public services and the academies make as much use of it as possible.”