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From the classroom to the office - SGS students dress to impress

Business students from SGS College are smartening up ready for the world of work. Every Thursday the level 2 learners from the Filton Campus take part in industry day; dressing in work attire to prepare their expectations, ready for a working environment.

These students have now started a trend across the business department with the level 3 students now following suit. However they were not the inspiration behind the idea. Two years ago the travel department introduced the idea of a working uniform which the tutors found helped immensely with their studies.

Anna Price, Tutor comments: “I believe that this helps the students to look professional and to feel the part in a business environment. They act more maturely and professional when they are wearing a smart uniform and it will aid them in their assignment role plays and when they go on work experience or take part in interviews. The change in the dynamics of the group before and after industry day is amazing, everyone acts really formal in lessons because they look and feel smart.”

“We have gone with a royal blue colour scheme to fit in with college colours, so the girls have a blue neck scarf and the boys have the same but in a tie. They all wear a white or black shirt and tailored trousers.”

“The students all look great in their new work uniforms and represent not only the College well but their group well. Many staff members have commented how professional and grown up they look and what a brilliant idea it is to get students ready for the workplace.”

Molly Bartlett, aged 17 comments: "I wasn't sure about the uniform at first but I can see why it is a good idea and I think it's a really good way of getting us used to being in a work environment."

Finely Quirke aged 16 added: "I like the fact that I feel more grown up and smart when I wear the uniform, and people notice us.”