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ITV workshop a hit with media students

ITV invited 10 students from SGS College to ITV News West Country for a full day of workshops and an opportunity to watch the lunch bulletin and main programme go out from behind the scenes.

The workshop, which took place Wednesday October 21, was held to encourage and inspire people who live locally to consider ITV and the media generally as a possible career path.

Students Emily Weedon, Kieran Mullin, Kheamah Powell, Jamie Britton, Jasper Lloyd, Mike Sparkman, Ryan Bailey, Louis Welsman, Lois Savage and Aaron Graham-Ramsay started the day with a welcome and quick Q and A session followed by a short video about working in the media. During the rest of the day students participated in four workshops focussing on Truck/live position, Gallery, Self Shooting, News and Weather.

The students also had the opportunity to watch the lunchtime news bulletin record and transmission and the main programme record and transmission. Students also spent time with Reporters and shot some footage for the main programme at 6:00pm that evening.

SGS College Chaplain, Javinder Singh, who organised the comments: “the opportunity sourced by the College Multi Faith Chaplaincy, for media students to experience the selected ITV open day, is an example of how Chaplaincy assists to enhance and enrich the experience of students.”