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Graphic Design student says college was the right choice for his career goals

Daniel Flinter started at SGS College in 2014 with an ambition to pursue a career in Graphic Design.

Having parents who ran their own graphic design company, Daniel was brought up around creativity. From a young age Daniel knew he wanted to be an artist and tried various art forms such as comic book illustrator, painter, movie prop maker and sculptor before finally settling on graphic design following a work experience placement in 2013 at a graphics company called Cre8ion.

Daniel comments: “Once I knew I wanted to be a graphic designer, I never stopped pursuing that dream. I bought sketchbooks and filled them with doodles and notes of possible logos. I thought if I did this enough, and with the right guidance, I could make it in the graphic design world.

The 17 year old from Filton decided to study for the Diploma in Graphic Design and Illustration at SGS so he could specialise in graphic design and not study A-levels.

Daniel said: “For me, the problem with staying at school was that I would have taken two subjects that I was interested in, graphics and art, and then have to take at least three more that I had no interest in at all. I've always known that art was the area I wanted to get into so SGS was the right option for me.”

At College, Daniel was surprised at how much he enjoyed learning different skills relating to design: “Back in September 2014, I only wanted to do branding because that was my field of expertise; I didn't really want to do anything else but I was wrong. SGS taught me screen-printing, advertising, marketing and magazine layout. The course also developed my skills with Adobe applications including photoshop, indesign and illustrator. It has definitely been an enjoyable time at SGS and I’m glad that I have learnt so much.”

In addition to studying in college, Daniel has also enjoyed experiences outside of the classroom such as his 2015 term two project ‘Pop Up Shop’, where students had to design and produce retail gifts such as t-shirts, tote bags, notebooks and stickers to be sold at the Clifton Suspension Bridge Visitor Centre. Along with the rest of his classmates Daniel also put forward designs for promotional posters and branding for the shop. Out of all students in his class Daniel was selected as head of marketing for the event and his designs were used to brand and promote the pop-up shop.

Since starting at SGS Daniel has got off to a flying start, impressing tutors in class and also obtaining clients through his business, Arrowhead Designs.

Now in his final year at College, the finish line is in sight and Daniel looks ahead to the future: “At the end of the course I hope to go to university, get my degree in graphic design and then make my way into a studio graphic design job. I've wanted to have that type of job for a long time and with the experience that I have gained from SGS and the experience and skills I will get from university, I know I can get there,” Said Daniel.

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SGS College’s most recent Ofsted inspection in 2014 rated the Performing Arts and Media Department as ‘Outstanding’.