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Start date: 09/01/2018 - SGS Stroud
End date: 20/03/2018
Duration: 5 hours per week

Day(s): Tuesday
Course length: 10 weeks - 5 hours
Qualifications: None
Code: SFLX09NY
Cost: £275

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Course Detail

Ceramics Advanced/Intermediate (extended workshop) - Aimee Lax

Part time course

About the Course:

This course is for students who are totally self-directed and have a high degree of ceramic knowledge who would like a longer session in the studio.

What will I study?

Students can produce self initiated projects throughout the year, supported by technical solutions from the tutor.  Students on this workshop will be able to develop their work through an in-depth approach, but will not be excluded from experimenting with some of the set projects in other classes. Students will be encouraged to experiment with multiple sectioned throwing, screen printing, larger sculptural work, advanced casting and experimentation with coloured clays.  There is an extensive selection of books and magazines for reference in the Crafts room.

You will have access to a variety of clays including earthenware, reduction stoneware and porcelain as well as being able to fire work in the smoke and the raku kiln. There are a wide variety of glazes and specialist tools available. Students are expected to participate in the Adult Exhibition in the summer.

What do I need to join the course?

Previous experience and understanding of the ceramic processes, a sketchbook to record your work and a protective work shirt.  Your own tool kit would be an advantage.

How long is the course?

Each term is ten weeks long and runs between 3.45pm and 9.00pm with breaks.

How will I learn?

Self development and weekly tutorial feedback with tutor. You will learn a great deal by experimenting  and recording your own progress.  You will have access to a dedicated specialist tutor and technician. Specialist books and magazines are also available in the studio.

How will I know how I am doing?

Your progress will be discussed weekly with the tutor and class on kiln opening days.

Are there any extra costs?

The work is paid for by weight once completed and ready for firing. Tools are available to buy.

What can I do next?

You can return to the class, apply to another course or progress onto the Access to Art course within the college. Many become self - employed and set up their own workshop.

Dates & Costs

Ceramics Advanced/Intermediate (extended workshop) - Aimee Lax

Start date: 09/01/2018
End date: 20/03/2018
Duration: 5 hours per week
Course length: 10 weeks - 5 hours
Time(s): 15:45 - 21:00
Qualifications: None
Code: SFLX09NY

Cost: £275

Extra costs:

Clay is paid for by weight once work is completed and before firings. General tools are provided but new tools are available to buy if required.

Start End Time Campus
09/01/2018 20/03/2018 15:45 - 21:00 SGS Stroud
17/04/2018 26/06/2018 15:45 - 21:00 SGS Stroud