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Start date: 17/01/2019 - SGS Stroud
End date: 28/03/2019
Duration: 2.5 Hours per week

Day(s): Thursday
Course length: 10 weeks - 2.5 hours
Qualifications: None
Code: SFLX0FK8
Cost: £148

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Drawing, Painting and Mixed Media for Beginners - Steve Dixon

Part time course

About the Course:

This dynamic, fast paced course exposes participants to a diverse range of subjects, techniques and Artists.  Over six weeks we examine Objects, Environment and The Body through Drawing, Printmaking and Painting.  The final three sessions are reserved for your self-lead solo project, during which time you will be able to dedicate studio time to your preferred area.  Topics covered include colour, perspective, anatomy, proportion, surface, printmaking, oil painting and watercolour.  Each session will be anchored by an inspirational examination of Key Artists.  

What will I learn?

How to see differently – to see the world (and objects) in terms of shape, tone, composition and form. Different approaches to the task of accurate drawing. Still life oil painting. Perfect colour mixing. How to prime and prepare a surface for oil painting. Mastery and knowledge of art materials. 

How will the course be delivered?

New techniques are demonstrated by the tutor as well as continuous 1-1 support and guidance while you work. Examples of famous historical and contemporary art are shown and discussed, work is made by all and we discuss the results.  

How will I know how I am doing?

Through continuous guidance and supportive feedback from the tutor and group discussion, you will always know how you are progressing and what to focus on. You will produce at least one piece of work each evening and will be encouraged to practice at home if you have the time. 

Do I need any experience?

None at all

What do I need to bring to my first class?

Just yourself and clothes that you do not mind getting paint on.

Are there any extra costs?


What can I do next?

You could do a further class to build confidence or go on to the intermediate class.

Who is my Tutor?

Steve Dixon...more the meantime, visit Steve's own work.

Dates & Costs

Drawing, Painting and Mixed Media for Beginners - Steve Dixon

Start date: 17/01/2019
End date: 28/03/2019
Duration: 2.5 Hours per week
Course length: 10 weeks - 2.5 hours
Time(s): 6:00pm - 8.30pm
Qualifications: None
Code: SFLX0FK8

Cost: £148

Start End Time Campus
17/01/2019 28/03/2019 6:00pm - 8.30pm SGS Stroud
25/04/2019 23/05/2019 6-8:30pm SGS Stroud