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Start date: 18/01/2018 - SGS Stroud
End date: 11/04/2018
Duration: 2 Hours per week

Day(s): Thursday
Course length: 10 weeks - 2 hours
Code: SFL209LG
Cost: £142

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Floristry Practical (No Qualification) - Olga Krylova

Part time course

What will I learn?

If you have already taken the qualification, but wish to continue to learn practical skills of floristry needed to design and create hand-tieds, reception flowers, bridal showers, bridesmaids’ posies, corsages etc. (especially in different seasons/foliage) then this course is for you. If you don't wish to attain a qualification, but wish to benefit from structured teaching in floristry, then this is also suitable for you.

How will I learn?

Using observed demonstration, creation and group questions and answers, creating portfolio by doing your own design, drawing sketches, possibly taking photographs of your designs. You will have an Individual Learning Plan. The course will be a combination of tutor demonstrations, practical workshop and discussion sessions, where the students will receive tutor feedback.

Is previous experience necessary?

No previous experience necessary, but we recommend you take the Apt Award level 1 unit course first before proceeding to the Level 2 course.

What can I do next?

Stroud Campus offers a range of Art & Design courses across the year that you may be interested in.

What should I bring to my first class?

Autumn term    10 stems of small headed roses (single head and not spray roses), 2 stems of filler flower (e.g. gypsophila) and 6-7 stems of foliage.
Spring term  5-10 stems tulips, 5 freesias (or other spring flowers); filler such, as 1-2 gypsophila or waxflower (or other) and foliage such as Salal
Summer term: Sheaf design: 5 stems of iris, 3 stems of germini; 3-5 stems of spray carnations, and a filler such, as 1-2 stems of gypsophila or waxflower or September (or other) and 3-5 stems of foliage such as Salal or eucalyptus, 2 stems of aspidistra, 3 stems of leather leaves.
Plus Materials Scissors and string, cellophane, stapler, raffia, (green wire if using gerbera /germini) 

Are there any extra costs?

​Each student will be expected to provide their own material every week (flowers, foliage, tools- scissors, knife, oasis, cellophane, tape etc) costing approx. £3 - £15 per week depending on design.

Who is my tutor?

Olga Krylova has completed  Floristry workshops with European and UK floristry masters and obtained the following floristry awards: International Floral-Design School “Nicole” (1996); Interflora standard of Floristry Certificate (2006); SFE 2006 International Third Prize;  International Designer Competition 2010 Gold and Bronze; Interflora Florist of the Year: 2009-2011 Silver and Bronze, 2012-2013 Gold and Silver; Whilst obtaining these, she also received other qualifications: BSc in Sciences (1995, 2014). She has extensive floristry work experience of 18 years, including her own Flower Art studio, shop (Bloomers of Cirencester) and floral design demonstrations, whilst teaching since 2006 at Stroud College.  

Dates & Costs

Floristry Practical (No Qualification) - Olga Krylova

Start date: 18/01/2018
End date: 11/04/2018
Duration: 2 Hours per week
Course length: 10 weeks - 2 hours
Time(s): 18:45 - 20:45
Code: SFL209LG

Cost: £142

Extra costs:

Each week you will be required to buy the flowers from the supplier of your choice before the class. Foliage and flowers can be supplied from your own garden.

Start End Time Campus
18/01/2018 11/04/2018 18:45 - 20:45 SGS Stroud
19/04/2018 28/06/2018 18:45 - 20:45 SGS Stroud