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Start date: 24/01/2019 - SGS Stroud
End date: 04/04/2019
Duration: 10 weeks

Day(s): Thursday
Course length: 10 weeks
Qualifications: Leisure
Code: SLLX0K9W
Cost: FREE

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Course Detail

Yoga for Beginners

Part time course

Course outline

For those learners wanting a gentle meditative class. Yoga will:

  • Improve Strength
  • Improve Flexibility
  • Improve proprioception - Proprioception is the skill of knowing where your body is in space, and coordinating your movements accurately.
  • Reduced stress and improve mental clarity
  • Offer the opportunity to meet people and socialise
  • Improve stress and pain management

Do I recieve a qualification?

There is no qualification.

How will I learn?

You will follow step by step guidance from the instructor. The instructor will support you and alter any positions to ensure there is a balance of effort and ease.

How will I know how I am doing?

Your tutor will give you lots of supportive feedback on your progress.

How will the course be delivered?

The course is led by a qualified yoga instructor.

What should I bring to my first class?

Comfortable exercise clothing. Yoga mats are provided.

Is previous experience necessary?

No previous experience is necessary.

How do I enrol?

Please complete an SGS College part-time enrolment form and return it to the Stroud or WISE Campus (depending on which Campus you wish to attend the course at).

Dates & Costs

Yoga for Beginners

Start date: 24/01/2019
End date: 04/04/2019
Duration: 10 weeks
Course length: 10 weeks
Time(s): 17:30-18:30
Qualifications: Leisure
Code: SLLX0K9W

Cost: FREE

Start End Time Campus
24/01/2019 04/04/2019 17:30-18:30 SGS Stroud
24/04/2019 03/07/2019 17:30-18:30 SGS Stroud
23/01/2019 03/04/2019 17:30-18:30 SGS WISE
25/04/2019 04/07/2019 17:30-18:30 SGS WISE