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Early College Placements (Stroud)

    14-16 year olds who have been Home Educated for a minimum of 6 months can apply for a course at SGS College, Stroud. This can take the form of:

    A specific vocational L.I.V.E. course (Learning In a Vocational Environment) specifically tailored to the requirements of 14-16 year olds. There is a selection of subject areas available. They take place one day per week, over two years and Students will gain a recognised Qualification

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    An opportunity to infill on a full time course, details for which can be found on the web site or in the SGS College prospectus. (There are some courses which are not available due to age restrictions associated with activities undertaken). Numbers are limited to 2 under 16 year olds per course. All full time courses have English and Maths, at the appropriate level, as an integral part of the programme followed. (Functional skills/GCSE).

    What next?

    1. The initial approach for all courses for this age group must be made via the 14-16 Years & School Liaison Manager but for a full time course under 16s will subsequently follow the normal SGS College application processes.
    2. Student and parent/carer will be invited in for an initial visit for a tour of the facilities and an interview will take place to establish student requirements.
    3. The under 16 years student Agreement form, pre- attendance information form and under 16 application form will be given out. For students applying for full time courses the under 16 application form for a specific course will also be issued.
    4. These documents must be signed/filled in and returned to the 14-16 Years & School Liaison Manager
    5. L.I.V.E. course applicants:
      Students will be invited to join a taster day activity on 2nd June 2015 9.30am – 12.30pm and there will be a new parent/student evening 6pm 23rd June 2015.

    The LIVE September 2015 cohort will be attending on Tuesdays, 9.30am - 2.30pm commencing Tuesday 8th September 2015.

    Please note that Construction students must have protective footwear at all times in the workshop and Hair & Beauty students will be required to purchase a tunic in line with professional salon uniform etiquette

    Full time course infill applicants:
    Following the submission of the application form students will be invited to take part in the application process for the curriculum area applied to; this will include interview, taster activities and an assessment to determine literacy & numeracy skills so that the Maths and English programme is provided for each student at the appropriate level

    All courses contain induction/Health and safety activities at the beginning of the year.


    Home Educated Art and Design Offer September 2016

    • Do you have a sincere interest in Creative Arts?
    • Want to gain a Level 2 Qualification in Art & Design?
    • It's FREE one day a week over 2 years
    • Starting September 2016

    For further details about the course contact the tutor or ring 01453 761202 to speak to the 14-16 years Manager

    *You must be Home Educated for a minimum of 6 months prior to Enrolment and have the ability to fulfil the written elements of the Course to apply